Hawkeye is revealing too many hints about this character to ignore

Marvel Studios’ third episode Hawk Eye dropped this week, and social media channels are buzzing with conversation about the cameo of a potential villain. Since the series was announced, many fans have theorized that a popular comic book character will appear in the series. Hawk Eye, and the latest episode may have teased his presence.

Fans were convinced that Hawk Eye will introduce Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He previously appeared in Netflix’s Daredevil and painted by Vincent D’Onofrio. Although the theory seems far-fetched at first, volume 3 of Hawk Eye ignored too many hints about this special character that fans couldn’t ignore.


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Every time a new Marvel project is about to launch, fan theories seem to dominate the internet. Whether it’s a movie or a series, fans continue to analyze trailers, exclusive clips, and posters of any upcoming project. Theories related to Hawk Eye not as pervasive as the people around Spider-Man: There’s no way home, but the Disney Plus series has been the talk of the town for at least a few weeks.

New trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home

When the first two episodes of Hawk Eye premiered last week, fans have been looking for hints of a Kingpin arrival. While it was known that Yelena Belova by Florence Pugh will be part of the series, the possible appearance of Kingpin is being kept under wraps. But, fans still found a big connection in episode 2 of Hawk Eye with Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, aka Echo, introduced.

In the comics, Lopez is a character born deaf. Her father worked for the Kingpin and was an executor, but was later murdered on Kingpin’s orders. When Lopez spotted him, he left bloody handprints on her face. Kingpin, who was quite impressed by Lopez’s talent, later became her caretaker and sent her to expensive schools to learn more skills. In Hawkeye’s third episode, Lopez’s plot is narrated, but slightly modified. She is on a mission to kill Ronin, as he killed her father during a raid at the mob’s office.

Echoes in the boxing ring in Hawkeye

The slight change in Lopez’s plot has left fans confused, as in one scene her father hinted that her uncle would take her home. A man’s hand caressed Lopez’s cheek and his laughter echoed in the background. Fans believe this is Marvel’s way to introduce Kingpin to the MCU, and the mysterious character is none other than Fisk.

Later than newest Hawk Eye episode, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton was heard telling Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop that Lopez was not the man in charge of the Mafia Tracksuit, and that there was another person above, “someone you don’t want to mess with.” Who else is more likely to take the throne than Lopez’s adoptive father, Fisk? The hint seems too obvious for fans to ignore, and once again, the theories are strongly promoted.

Maya Lopez and her uncle in Hawkeye episode 3

Fan theories regarding the Marvel series begin when WandaVision broadcast for the first time and viewers are sure that Mephisto will appear and potentially become the next big villain in the MCU. When Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff appeared in the series, many fans believed he was actually Mephisto in disguise. Unfortunately, he turns out to be Ralph Bohner, a resident of Westview, who is being controlled by Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness, the real villain in disguise.

With Harkness revealed as the villain in WandaVision, fans’ hopes of seeing a live-action version of Mephisto have been dashed. They didn’t learn to back down, though, and instead continued to theorize as more Marvel series premiered on Disney Plus. The only time they managed to win, albeit partially, was when LokiThe final episode introduces He Who Remains.

He still stays in the Loki elevator line

As Phase 4 of the MCU begins, many fans believe that Kang The Conqueror will eventually appear in his live-action. While their partners are upset because WandaVision reveal, quite epic but without proving their Mephisto theory to be true, many other fans hope that Kang will be introduced in Loki is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

NS Loki last season brought in a new villain, but he’s a version of the popular comic book character that fans haven’t seen show up. He Who Remains, played wonderfully by Jonathan Majors, is a variant that first discovered alternate universes, aka the Multiverse. When the Multiverse War broke out, he weaponized the entity Alioth to end it. He then established the Time Variance Administration to monitor the Sacred Timeline, in order to avoid the rise of other Variants, including Kang.

The episode ends with Sylvie, a variant of Loki, killing the He Who Remains. By that time, however, Multiverse has been activated. Fans last saw Loki in a TVA version of which Kang was apparently the one in charge. With the second season of the series confirmed, and Kang’s participation in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania revealed, it’s only certain that the villain will play a big part in Phase 4 of the MCU going forward. This basically means that fans of the Kangin theory Loki proved to be true, and so it gives them hope to theorize about future Marvel shows.

This brings them to Hawk Eye and a potential arrival from Kingpin. While fans are burned by Mephistoism in WandaVision, they did get Kang at the end Loki. So it’s a 50-50 scenario at this point, and it remains to be seen whether the fans will win again. In Netflix’s Daredevil, D’Onofrio’s performance as Kingpin has received a lot of praise from fans and so they expect him to return to reprise the role in Hawk Eye.

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in episode 3 of Hawkeye

If the Kingpin really appeared, Barton and Bishop would face a much bigger threat than a bunch of goons in sportswear. Fisk is known to have many connections in the underworld and is perhaps even in charge of the mysterious Sloan company that Bishop found while using her mother’s security protections in episode 3 of the series. Hawk Eye. The question remains, will the series deliver this much-awaited introduction?

Hawk Eye streaming on Disney Plus.

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