Hawkeye Featurette walks behind the scene of the LARP sequence

This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye Part 1, Episode 2

Marvel Studios’ Hawk Eye The series for Disney Plus is the latest in the MCU, and while the show takes a more grounded, street-level approach to its story, so far has tackled the theme of grief. and past trauma (especially with Clint Barton), the screenwriters still know how to have fun with the characters. A new season of Marvel reveals behind-the-scenes footage of the epic LARP battle sequence that Clint was brought into.

After Clint’s Ronin suit was stolen by Grill to impress his group of LARPers in episode two of Hawk Eye, the hilarious Clint is thrown into an epic sequence where he has to put on his role-playing armor and go through all these hardships to get his suit back. The new Marvel trailer showcases a variety of costumes, weapons, and extras associated with an exciting, yet hilarious role-playing battle from Hawk Eye episode 2.


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The film introduces Adelle Drahos, who plays the character Missy, breaking down the setting and the different teams involved (Vikings vs samurai). Grill actor Clayton English shares his enthusiasm for the scene and how using such a funny and over-the-top script led to an epic fight scene. At the end of the feature, Hawk Eye main star Jeremy Renner Note the humor in including Clint in this scenario. “Having a character as grounded as Hawkeye among the LARPers is a very funny scene,” says Renner.

While it may seem odd to read about, placing a more grounded and serious character like Clint in such an over-the-top sequence with a bunch of LARPers makes for such a hilarious and memorable scene. But that’s exactly what makes this series so great, and why it’s received so much praise from critics. Instead of focusing on cosmic events, the larger multiverse is happening in other storylines, Hawk Eye is really cultivating the chemistry or dynamics of the two main characters together, while also delving into characters like Clint Barton with more depth that hasn’t been explored in MCU content before.

The new series is looking to continue to maintain its success, as it’s coming up with a great introductory third episode Clint Barton and Kate Bishop along with countless new faces in one of the most dramatic and impressive action sequences in the MCU to date. With only three episodes left, fans can expect an epic finale.

Hawk Eye also stars Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother, Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne, Barton’s former mentor, Fra Free as the mercenary Kazi, Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez/Echo, a deaf character who can perfectly copy other people’s movements (a spinner- her character series is in development), Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, Maya’s father and another newcomer to MCU Florence Pugh as Yelena (who debuted her in Black Widow and will likely appear in the final episode). Amber Templemore-Finlayson & Katie Ellwood (Bert & Bertie) and Rhys Thomas direct.

Hawk Eye Now available to stream on Disney Plus.

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