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If there’s one thing Disney has had its eye on, it’s pinpointing the right dose of it for viewers to capture each and every one of it. Marvel series and Hawk Eye Is no exception. Like WandaVision, Hawk Eye benefited greatly from the fact that the first two episodes aired consecutively on the same day as the show could bring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s relationship into the spotlight for a second season.

Although there are fewer episodes and a longer overall run time per episode WandaVision’s sitcom-sized sections, Hawkeye’s Dual feature must be considered a win because first impressions show that the pair’s chemistry is extremely important for a successful performance. In that respect, things are looking good as Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld provide the type banter both actors teased ahead of the show’s premiere keeps the duo nervously watching any time they’re on screen together, whether it’s planned or not.


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Everything starts immediately from the moment Clint bangs Kate against the wall only to discover that the person who revived his Ronin identity is “just” a young girl. However, shortly after they head back to her apartment, they discover Kate has made some obvious OpSec rookie mistakes in keeping her brand new character safe. As Mafia tracksuit looking for a couple, they manage to escape the burning place though not without grabbing Lucky the Pizza Dog, who continues to be just as adorable this time.

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld Pharmacy

This all leads to Clint and Kate continuing to be a disappointing pharmacy for the young archer, who is clearly eager to learn more about how his hero works on quests. In any case, the biggest lesson here is how Hawk Eye used this extra time to settle down and plan at her aunt Moira Brandon’s apartment to give its two main characters the kind of expression and personal nuance not usually found in MCU movies.

Hawk Eye also did what no other Marvel Studios production (again, not counting Spider-Man) has done to date: put New York at the forefront, where large parts of the movie were shot, because of the setting. of the city adorned the conversation of heroes . They include Kate making fun of her Hawk Eye is the best Avengers some of them, due to what she calls a “brand issue,” and even some brief flashbacks to some of the outbursts that could cost Clint part of the hearing.

Clint is clearly not ready to take on the role of father in Kate’s life at this stage, and the show makes it clear that as he says goodbye to his family, he’s just seeing the current situation as a pending work from his Ronin past. Meanwhile, Kate has her own personal struggles to deal with as audiences learn exactly where the Bishop family fortune comes from and what plans she has for her mother’s fiance, Jack Duquesne.

Kate Bishop's fencing scene in Hawkeye

Of course, a much-needed period of time comes before that, and it involved Clint tracking down which of the firefighters took the Ronin suit from Kate’s apartment. While this leads to one of the funniest scenes in MCU history, the setting is equally important as it sees Barton quickly return to the apartment to show off his stealthy agent skills (think Sam Fisher Splinter Cell) before he became Hawkeye.

Also, the fact that Hawkeye is so serious and now grouchy attending an immersive event more than justifies watching this episode alone, and the way the camera was used to portray the mediocrity of the whole situation. simply great.

However, Hawk Eye is proving to be a show that isn’t afraid to mix lighthearted fun with drama as Kate’s dinner date with Eleanor and Jack turns dark as she confronts him about his true intentions. In spite of Jack Duquesne’s Swordsman Identity in the Comics making him the prime suspect for his uncle’s murder, Kate’s findings and suspicions are probably better than salt since every Marvel show ever is so adept at playing cards near the chest.

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

The episode settles with Clint telling his wife that he will purposely be captured by the Tracksuit Mafia so he can learn more, a moment that reveals the beauty of the pair’s relationship, one that They really have no secrets. As for Kate’s end, her inner girlfriend makes her break her no-messaging agreement with Clint before putting the two in more danger in a failed rescue attempt.

After worth of a full movie Hawk Eye, the series is a third of the way through the story (five days until Christmas), however, Echo’s introduction and Jack’s slyness make for compelling plot points that may be replaced by the appearance of Yelena Belova and a potential cameo of Kingpin. For now, the show rests on Clint, Kate, and whatever chemistry they may have, and though luckily they’re a really fun duo to watch even after only knowing each other for a few hours. , there are still a lot of stories waiting to be built here for it to be great.

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Our rating:

4 out of 5 (Excellent)

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