Hawkeye episode 1 and 2 easter eggs

The following article contains spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of Hawk Eye.After the premiere of two new Marvel’s specials Hawk Eye series, fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks as Clint Barton and Kate Bishop work together to defeat the ghost of Ronin’s past. The premiere features a few easter eggs from the trailer released in September, including Rogers the Musical, Lucky the dog, Clint’s hearing aid, and the Mafia Tracksuit.

So far, the series has used these references sparingly, but effectively, and fan theories have been rampant on social media. Beyond the Easter Egg fans pointed out from the trailers, volumes 1 and 2 are filled with brand new content connecting the series with previous projects and comic storylines.


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avengers tower of easter eggs hawkeye

Starting with the series’ prologue, fans get to meet a young Kate Bishop for the first time in her New York penthouse, as she and her mother struggle to survive the explosion from Battle of New York 2012. After a hole pierced her wall, Avengers Tower brave and brave amidst the carnage of Loki’s alien legion.

moira brandon easter egg hawkeye

Episode 2 introduced Kate’s aunt, Moira Brandon, into the MCU as the archers escaped from the Tracksuit Mafia in her empty apartment. Moira Branon is the owner of a mansion in Marvel Comics that the Avengers used as their new compound. When Clint and his wife visited the mansion, they were attacked by an evil known as Crossfire, and Moira ended up saving their lives.

In addition to providing her home as a sanctuary for superheroes, Moira is also an actress in both the comics and the MCU. A movie poster for the movie Creatures of the Dark Galaxy called Brandon one of the main characters in the movie, and made her a popular actress in the MCU. The poster could also be a nod to Marvel’s hit series, Guardian of Galaxy.

Greer hawkeye easter egg

Despite appearing briefly as Kate’s friend and witness to the bell tower collapse, the character Greer Grant has a long history in Marvel Comics. Greer is known as the Cat, a vigilante who can transform himself from female to cat thanks to ancient magic. She finally joined the Avengers team, so she was in Hawk Eye the series could just have some implications for the future of the MCU.

Katniss Easter Egg Hawkeye

Continuing with the topic of mass media, episode 2 also depicts people cosplaying on the streets of New York to show off their Ant-Man and Hawkeye performances. When Kate draws Clint’s attention to the Hawkeye cosplayer, he argues that it has nothing to do with him and insists the woman is believed to be Katniss Everdeen. This brief moment establishes the existence of The Hunger Games series in the MCU and embody the comedic, cynical nature of Clint.

ronin gear easter egg hawkeye

In perhaps one of the most obvious connections to the MCU, Kate finds herself participating in a secret, black market auction where guests are auctioning off the infamous weapon Clint used while active acting under the name Ronin in Avengers: Endgame. Both his sword and his old outfit reappear for the first time Hawk Eye episode, causing a lot of trouble for Clint and Kate.

Episode 2 establishes that the archers can take the Ronin suit, but Kate’s stepfather, Jack Duquesne, is still in possession of the sword. As it turns out, Jack was Clint’s mentor in the comics and ran into a lot of other familiar faces, like Scarlet Witch, Mantis, and the Mandarin. Given his history in the Marvel Universe, he’ll likely play some role in the franchise, aside from his antics in the Marvel Universe. Hawk Eye series.

thanos Easter egg hawkeye

A plague that heroes seem unable to escape, Thanos still appears in various places in the MCU. From Thanos Copter’s reveal in Loki to the graffiti “Thanos was right” from Hawk Eye episode 1, the giant is still finding ways to haunt the universe with Blip’s memory. While he probably won’t be back to fight the heroes a second time, the memory of Thanos remains a very common threat that keeps characters in the Marvel Universe in constant competition.

catch and release-resurrection-egg-hawkeye-1

Despite her death in the Infinity Saga, Hawk Eye The series preserves the memory of Natasha Romanoff. While on the phone with his wife, Clint reveals his plan to “catch and release” the Mafia Tracksuit, by staging his own kidnapping and pretending they have the upper hand.

As his wife says, it’s one of Natasha’s oldest moves, which is how fans first saw her in the original. Avengers movie. The constant mentions of Natasha are bound to lead somewhere, so this could be Marvel’s way of preparing fans for the inevitable encounter between the two. the archers and Yelena, foreshadowed in Black Widow post-credit scene.

New episodes of Hawk Eye Now streaming every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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