Hawkeye Avengers Watch: Why does the Mafia Tracksuit want it?

NS Hawk Eye The TV show is currently streaming on Disney Plus, and it’s packed with teases about what the bad guys are up to. One such theme is a red and gold watch, which was recovered from the Avengers complex and sold on the black market. It looks like several groups are scrambling for it, including the goofy Mafia Tracksuit and superhero Echo. Join us as we learn why these groups of villains might want the Avengers to follow in Hawkeye.

Why do Mafia and Echo Tracksuits want Hawkeye Avengers to track?

Hawkeye Avengers watch

After two episodes, we don’t know exactly why Hawkeye Avengers watches are in such hot demand. From the looks of it, it appears to be little more than a watch with high monetary value. However, the fact that this plot thread hangs in the balance, with an unknown watch on hand, means it will definitely return in future episodes.

Well, it comes into play first in a black market auction. It will be listed with Ronin armor and his signature sword. However, the hiatus from the Tracksuit Mafia meant the auction never took place and they bought the watch for themselves. As such, it seems that several parties are vying for the watch, so it must hold some value.

We still don’t know what that value is, but the watch’s links to the Avengers complex certainly play a role. The watch was recovered from the base, which was destroyed in Avengers: Endgame. As such, it could easily be an uncharted piece of Stark technology, like the glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Watches may contain nanotechnology or hidden capabilities. This would explain why the Tracksuit Mafia, and their leader Echo, went after it.

Of course, it could also just be a MacGuffin, giving Hawkeye and Kate Bishop a reason to bump into these nefarious groups. While we don’t know for sure yet, you can imagine the Hawkeye Avengers watch returning in future episodes.

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