Haunted chocolatier should share Stardew Valley’s gray ethos

Stardew Valley’s dark lore and moments are some of its best, adding personality to the repetitive gameplay, and Haunted Chocolatier should do the same.

haunted chocolate seller

Stardew Valley It may seem like an innocent game to players unfamiliar with the brightly colored seasons and adorable farm animals, but the game can actually be quite dark in lesser-known times. than. For example, there are many theories about the parents of some Pelican Town residents such as Abigail and her true father and Sebastian and his father’s whereabouts. The mental health of many characters like Kent and his PTSD abilities have been heavily analyzed, and players can even abandon their children and turn them into pigeons if they want more. or simply don’t want them anymore.


But no matter how horrible Stardew Valley As it sometimes seems, its dark secrets are some of the many reasons why players love the game so much. Its developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone currently creating his next game called Haunted Chocolate Seller, and it is thought that both could be located in the same universe. Whether that’s true or not, Haunted Chocolate Seller could be naturally darker, given its ghostly name and premise, and it must use the same gray moral aspects that make up Stardew Valley more interesting and realistic, despite their sometimes supernatural nature.

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Stardew Valley Personality and Humor


Being able to turn your children into doves and let them fly away while wiping your spouse’s memories could be the most sinister moment of your life. Stardew Valleyand it comes with the secret of autumn 26, where the player can see the Ancient Doll on television and be attacked in the witch’s hut. Also, some believe Kent was trying to kill the player, and a more ridiculous theory is that the player died at Joja before that match even started. The interesting thing about these theories is that they are not the main part of the game and have only been discovered by a small percentage of the community that put in the time and effort to figure out these secrets.

The game play loop of Stardew Valley, while repetitive, is not monotonous. Most players become addicted to the cycle of watering plants, loving animals, giving gifts, and finishing off the day by mining, fishing, or gathering wood until close to 2am. What makes it worthwhile is finding these interesting pieces of legend and places where the story deviates from the norm, like Pierre’s secret vault or Caroline’s secret trip to the Wizard’s tower. They perform Stardew Valley feels more lifelike because these are things that happen in the real world, even if people really can’t turn their children into birds to abandon them. It adds personality Haunted Chocolate Seller should hold tight.

Stardew ValleyIts lore is deeper than many might initially think, but its universe is huge and most likely Haunted Chocolate Seller takes place in the same universe. In a reply on Twitter, ConcernedApe said he is “working on a few new projects,” one of which “takes place in the world of Stardew Valley. “He has yet to say if this is really his upcoming game about chocolate making in a haunted mansion, however, on a separate occasion he said that Haunted Chocolate Seller is the moon Stardew Valleyof the sun. If this is true, the game is more likely to take place later Stardew Valleythe gameplay options are darker and it might even solve some fan mysteries along the way.

Haunted Chocolate Seller currently under development.

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