Harry Styles fans need to stop throwing chicken nuggets at concerts

Madison Square Garden was in shambles this weekend, and all it took was a chicken nugget. A chicken nugget that probably costs around $10 alone considering the food prices in Madison Square Garden. When a fan threw the tender onto the stage for Harry Styles – a small snack for the hungry boy – the whole stadium went into chaos.

You can imagine why: Harry Styles is a pescetarian. Known for interacting with the devoted fans who manage to snag front-row seats at his shows, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Styles actually ripped the chicken tender off the stage, held it up to the crowds at MSG and a little did bit.

“Interesting, very interesting approach. Who threw the chicken nugget?” Styles said as the crowd chanted and begged him to eat it. “I don’t eat chicken.”

Right, no chicken, though he will eat other random foods that landed on the ground in front of him.

“First of all, it’s cold,” he continued. “And I suppose very old. Do you want it back?”

“Yes“, the fan probably nodded, “give me back the cold dirty harry styles laced nugget to keep forever even after it’s completely deformedStyles tossed the nugget back at them, though he asked them not to eat it before continuing with his set.

Apparently, as we mentioned, that’s part of the appeal of a Harry Styles concert. Aside from enjoying watching the singer/budding actor sing and dance, he actually interacts with crowds of attention-hungry fans. Love on Tour participants will make absolutely crazy signs to get his attention. (Some are cute, I have to admit, like fans asking Harry to help them get to their parents.)

This chicken nugget affair is one of many attempts to grab Styles’ attention for 30 seconds. Earlier this year, for example, a fan asked Styles to be his doctor on tour after she finished her medical degree. He declined her request. Others ask Styles to kick them in the face or hit them. Some even say they skipped their grandma’s funeral to see him on tour.

The fact that Styles can see those posters without batting an eyelid? I respect him, but I also fear him. The performer’s 15-day stint on MSG has prompted a rush of TikToks about him, similar to the Rushtok trend in Alabama, with fans flaunting their flashy outfits, heart-shaped sunglasses and, of course, posters. I’m infatuated with their dedication to these concerts as if they were training for a marathon or preparing for a big high school theater production.

And just like Bama Rushtok, pranksters on TikTok have already started parodying Harry Styles’ poster reactions. This particular video has stuck in my mind for the past few days, playing on an endless loop as the fans keep raising the stakes.

“What does your sign say?” says the comedian, acting like Styles. “‘Harry, this is my first concert. Please pull my teeth out!’ I do not know. Should we pull her teeth? Should we? I guess we’ll pull her teeth out,” he says, pulling out a tooth extraction tool.

That’s a joke, yes, but we’re about five news cycles away from Harry Styles actually pulling teeth at his concert. Why are the Styles fans so wild? While we can’t say for sure – maybe a fan made it successful and the rush ensued – my best bet is that the drive comes from One Direction fan fiction. You don’t have to read an entire Wattpad story (at least I never have) to know that the nice meetup was always at a concert.

That was the dream: While Harry Styles was performing with the other four guys, he noticed a beautiful woman in the crowd. He would stop the show. He would pull her onto the stage. And that’s when he would get down on one knee and propose to this stranger on the spot. (Wait, isn’t that the plot of Marry me?)

These fanfictions exist, and I think Harry Styles fans have taken them far too seriously. Harry Styles isn’t going to fall in love with you if you write a poster that says, “Harry, should I kill my annoying neighbor?” He’ll laugh at your poster, you’ll be put on a watch list, and then Harry will get his friend Olivia Wilde for dinner, or he’ll be in line for the forthcoming limited press tour with Miss Flo.

But don’t stop writing these posters and let the chicken nuggets fly. Though some of us never made it past the Ticketmaster-verified fan presale for his Madison Square Garden, we’re watching from the sidelines — and it’s admittedly hilarious. What’s next? Katy Perry will throw a slice of pizza at Harry Styles?

https://www.thedailybeast.com/obsessed/harry-styles-fans-need-to-stop-throwing-chicken-nuggets-at-concerts?source=articles&via=rss Harry Styles fans need to stop throwing chicken nuggets at concerts


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