Harry Potter Wizards Unite The Battle for Secrets Brilliant Event Part 2

The end of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is getting closer than ever and the final events are taking place during the end of December. The Ultimate Glow event kicks off tomorrow and gives witches and wizards one last chance to race for five days to complete quests and claim bonuses before the final month of the game. play begins.

First half of Battle for Secret two-part brilliant event has been running all week, and the last days of December will give players a chance to dive into the second season. Usually there will be longer breaks between sections, but things are a little different for these final events. The second part will start tomorrow, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fans can start racing around and enjoying the features, bonuses and challenges any time after 2pm on December 26 through the story and challenge of the event.


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This upcoming Brilliant event officially begins on December 26, 2021 at 2pm Eastern Time and ends on December 31, 2021 at 2pm Eastern Time. Typically, Brilliant Events rewards and rewards pay out to multiplayer, and that looks to be the case for this month’s stuff, as well as based on the rewards roster. The War for Secrets Part 2, like about any other non-Spotlight events in Wizards Unite, there’s a long list of quests for players to complete in the week-long first half, and lots of cool rewards for players who complete everything including the Bounty Missions.


Players will likely notice that the list is a bit shorter this time around, to accommodate the 5-day timeframe. The initial quests are pretty straightforward and feature a strong incentive list, so witches and wizards should definitely take the time to go through the full list before season one ends if they want one. number of last minute rewards. Things get a bit trickier with the bounty distribution, so players will need to work harder along the way.

Part 1

Collect 3 Ingredients or Portmanteaus on the 50 Gold Map

Brew 1 Potion 50 gold

Return the 8 Shining Nagini Founders 6 Exstimulo Potions

Part 1 reward

550 wizard experience points

5 Book of Restrictions

50 points of brilliant family XP

10 Magic Energy

Part 2

Return 6 Legends of Hogwarts Foundables 5 Dawdle Draft

Use Master Notes 1 time 100 gold

Collect 4 Brilliant The Battle for Secrets Runestones 100 gold

Part 2 rewards

750 Wizarding XP

75 Brilliant Family XP

5 Book of Limitations

10 Magic Energy

Part 3

Returns Nagini’s 6 Shining Equipment 5 Silver Keys

Cast 3 spells Riddikulus 500 gold

Return 6 Snatcher’s Creation Base 5 Strong Exstimulo Potions

Rewards part 3

1250 witch XP

75 Brilliant Family XP

10 Book of Limitations

10 Magic Energy

Part 4

3rd Place Brilliant Battle for secret treasures 5 Spellbooks

Earn 2500 Mage XP from the 5 Spells Challenge

Collect 5 Pieces of Mysterious Notes by Brilliantly Returning Secret Treasure Battle 5 Spellbooks

Part 4 Rewards

10 Book of Limitations

50 gold

5 books of defense against the dark arts

30 Magic Energy

1 Image Subscribe to Kreacher Brilliant

Bonus transfer

Return 15 Brilliant Battle for Secret Treasures 5 Potential Exstimulo Potions

Earn 5,000 witch XP from any source 5 Silver Keys

Defeat 5 fearsome enemies in the 5 Book of Spells Witch Challenge

Return 2 Severus Snape Foundables 5 Spell Books

Return 2 Young Harry Potter finds 5 Abrasives

Bonuses for exercises

2000 witch XP

100 brilliant family XP

5 books of defense against the dark arts

1 Excellent Achievement Badge

20 Magic Energy

5 images registered Basilisk Fangs Brilliant

As mentioned, the event is shorter than usual, so players will want to get in right away to make sure they have time to get everything done. That said, there is a full week to go through all the challenges. With those quests in mind, witches and wizards should be equipped with everything they need to know to properly prepare for the event to begin.

If any additional bonuses or rewards are revealed, we will be sure to post an update. Be sure to re-subscribe Last days to know more Wizards Unite Strategy guide, news and updates. Until then, keep your wand at the ready!

Harry Potter: Merge of Wizards currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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The source: Wizards Unite Hub

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