Hardcore and Hard Mode Quests

There are some additional challenges that you can try as you progress further Icarus. They seem very rewarding, but making serious mistakes can also be severely punished. This is ours Icarus guide to help you with Hardcore and Hard Mode missions.

Note: For more information, see Icarus guide and central feature.

Icarus Tutorial: Hardcore Quests and Hard Mode

Hardcore Mode and Hardcore Missions in Icarus just tougher variations of existing leads. You don’t really need to complete the “normal” variant, but you do need to complete any quests that unlock that particular branch during the campaign.

So what exactly separates the hardcore tasks from the default options? Well, there are new modifiers:

  • 1x player respawn
  • + 33% XP Boost
  • + 30% creature health
  • +10% movement speed of creatures
  • + 30% aggressive/neutral/passive creature awareness

As you will see in the two images below, complete Elimination of the Elimination List gives you 225 gold currency. However, the hardcore version offers an additional 50 Exotics. This could be a good way to earn more money for your Workshop items.

Unfortunately, the hardcore quests in Icarus Absolutely not for solo players. That’s because the “1x player respawn” modifier means you can’t respawn if you die on a mission. Only your teammates can revive you. So soloing means this is like a fixed mechanic.

For Hard Mode missions in Icarus, they also have modifiers that increase the difficulty slightly, and some leads can also award Exotic currency. Thankfully, there’s no “fixed if you’re solo/can only be revived by teammates” mechanic. However, you need to pay attention XP penalty in case your character is knocked down.

In any case, here are the complements:

  • +10% XP increase
  • +15% creature health
  • +5% movement speed of creatures
  • +20% Aggressive Creature Awareness

Note: In addition to increased difficulty and exotic monetary rewards, the Hardcore and Hardcore quests in Icarus also has significantly shorter session timers. If you are going to start these, make sure you can complete all the tasks and get rid of dropship in one sitting (the timer runs in real time). If you are unable to escape after this timer expires, your character will disappear (i.e. levels, techniques and talents are lost, leaving only Workshop unlocks).

Icarus available through Sauna. For more information, see guide and central feature.

https://www.pcinvasion.com/icarus-guide-hardcore-hard-mode-missions-permadeath/ Hardcore and Hard Mode Quests


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