‘Hard Knocks’ Power Rankings: Darius Leonard, Jim Irsay among winners of mid-season debut against Colts

NS Indianapolis Colts are in the middle of the playoffs 5-5, the perfect team will be featured on the first mid-season release of ‘Hard Knocks.’ After a disappointing summer version there Dallas Cowboys, HBO and NFL The films introduced a new twist to the series, following a team and the challenges they faced throughout the season.

Indianapolis rebounding from a 0-3 start and taking a 5-5 record against the frenetic AFC was the perfect scenario for ‘Hard Knocks’ in the final eight weeks. This week’s premiere showcases a season recap of how the Colts led 4-5 and how the team prepared for a Week 10 game against Jacksonville Jaguars.

The episode is different from previous versions of ‘Hard Knocks’ and certainly has moments that follow the NFL stars Carson Wentz and Darius Leonard – two “father and daughter” introduced us to their personal lives this week. Let’s break down the winners and losers of the mid-season premiere.

Winner: Darius Leonard

Leonard is the star of the show, on and off the field. The Colts All-Pro liner, listed at 6-foot-2 and 230-pound, had some misunderstanding about his weight on the training field during the week for Colts employees. Leonard earned the nickname “crazy man” during his senior year at South Carolina State, and sent Colts employees raving about his frame.

“Getting tired of hearing about my weight,” says Leonard. “It’s been the same as of 2018. 220. 8% body fat… They say I’m too small in high school, too small in college, too small in the league. It’s crazy. crazy.

“The smallest guy on the pitch always creates. I just want a little respect.”

Leonard has two interceptions and four fumbles mandatory this season – on his way to another All-Pro campaign. The Colts can leave him alone about his weight.

The Loser: Urban Meyer

Part of the reason the Colts were able to lead the Jaguars early in Sunday’s competition was because Urban Meyer revealed tweaks to his defense during a press conference that caught head coach Frank’s attention. Colts’ Reich. Meyer said the American jaguar has turned into a regional defense force, which has given them hold Buffalo Bills to six points.

Reich pointed out to the coaching staff in a meeting that an “interesting” remark. Basically, Reich thanked Meyer for the information he used Jonathan Taylor early and often in Sunday’s win – as Taylor had 93 of his 116 yards in in the first quarter.

Thanks Urban.

Winner: Father Daughter

This week’s episode features all of the married Colts players, mainly Wentz and his wife Madison, who are awaiting the birth of their second daughter, Hudson Rose (born Tuesday). . Wentz was committed to playing in Sunday’s game with Madison watching from his room at Lucas Oil Stadium – another day until the incision. As Wentz pointed out this week, he hasn’t slept much in the past few days.

Ryan Kelly revealed the gender on Jumbotron at Lucas Oil Stadium, along with Mark Glowinski – with Wentz on FaceTime watching. Both are expecting a daughter.

Finally, the show comes to Leonard – showing off his life as a father and daughter. Leonard, battling a year-long ankle injury, eased the pain by spending time with his daughter Mia. Leonard brushes Mia’s teeth and tries to do her hair, but admits he only knows ponytails – that’s what he goes with.

In the game, Mia is seen with Kayla Leonard (Darius’s wife) sitting on her lap and sipping a cup of Sprite. The Leonards sit in the same room as the Wentzs, because Hadley (Wentz’s first child) comes to hug Mia during the game. Madison Wentz told Kayla Leonard that she was practicing being an older sister, a very cute moment.

After the game, Mia was even more energetic when her father was at home resting his ankles. Darius asks Mia how many Sprite cups she has. Leonard has made it clear that given Mia’s age, he’s out of work – making sure he always has a smile on his face when he gets home.

The Loser: Carson Wentz to Indianapolis

Reich’s relationship with Wentz goes back to their days with Philadelphia Eagles, as Reich described how great the combination was right from the start when he jumped into Wentz’s truck after a pre-draft practice session at North Dakota State in 2016.

“I think he in a very mature way connected faith and football. I quoted him a verse, 1 Peter 3:15,” Reich said. “When we got to the facility, he said, ‘Look at my screensaver.’ He has that sentence on his screensaver. That’s where we connect.”

When Wentz’s days in Philadelphia were over, Reich told Colts general manager Chris Ballard that Wentz “had what was needed”, leading the Colts’ pursuit of Wentz. There was a great missed opportunity.

Wentz hasn’t actually discussed what happened in Philadelphia and whether the Eagles want to leave him or he wants to move on (or both). He hopes to be reunited with Reich again, but not many details of the deal are told from Wentz’s point of view.

This is a topic that Wentz really doesn’t like to talk about. His opening to HBO would make this episode even better, especially since part of the premiere focuses on Reich-Wentz’s plot.

Winner: Jim Irsay

Irsay didn’t make much of an appearance at the premiere, but his presence was felt. After the Colts ‘Week 7 won first San Francisco 49ers By 3-4, the sacked Irsay gave a speech in the dressing room that he wanted the Colts to follow.

Naturally, the Colts followed as Irsay started the beat.

Irsay is at his best there – an episode that doesn’t feature much of the Colts’ vocal master. This is the perfect moment for Irsay and the team has enjoyed working for him.

https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/hard-knocks-power-rankings-darius-leonard-jim-irsay-among-winners-in-mid-season-debut-featuring-colts/ ‘Hard Knocks’ Power Rankings: Darius Leonard, Jim Irsay among winners of mid-season debut against Colts


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