Halo Subreddit Temporarily Locked Due to Poison From Players and Broadcast Devices

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The entire Halo subreddit has been temporarily closed due to aggressive and malicious behavior from both the Halo Infinite community and the game’s developers. The problem seemed to have gotten so out of control that the moderators felt it was necessary to put everyone on time and advise them to “take the weekend off.”

The moderator writes: “The amount of malicious content on the subs on both sides makes it impossible for anyone to have a civil discussion, which is what the mod team always strives for regardless of opinion,” the moderator wrote. “Some users on the sub have even been held accountable for doxxing and death threats.”

“We are temporarily sub-locking so people can settle down a bit and we can hit the reset button before launch. At the end of the day, this is a video game and this level of vitriol is not justified. Take the weekend off, we will reopen on Monday,” they added.

If you remember, the Halo game is currently being developed by 343 Industries after the franchise was transferred to them when Bungie partnered with Activision. The new developer has been working on making changes to the game that fans and veterans of the old game aren’t happy with.

Sparks light the fire is the glaring absence of Halo Infinite in game modes, the transition from dropping weapons to reloading, and the addition of sprinting. Loading and sprinting is an important feature for most multiplayer shooters but the community would rather the developers stuck with the way it’s always been done.

As is customary today, players voiced their complaints on the Halo subreddit, leading to an explosive fight. Based on Eurogamer, “Someone who criticizes the game doesn’t mean you can say they’re a ‘rightful dick’,” and “Someone who says they’re okay with the game or let it go for a while meaning you could call them a ‘startup bastard’, just some of the comments the moderators had to deal with.

343 Industries Community Manager Brian “Ske7ch” Jarrard also wrote a lengthy post addressing this issue. You can see all of his posts here but here are a few snippets to get you started:

“I can’t reply to everyone yelling at me/343 here so I just wanted to share a few final things to take or leave as you see fit. When we have some updates to share, I’ll be back.

First, I will re-emphasize that I 100% understand and generally agree with the frustrations most are expressing even if I disagree with the attacks and the way some people choose to express those frustrations. that feeling. Call me shill, liar, corp speak, etc as you like, but I have never lied to this community and never will. And I don’t say myself [and] 343 is a ‘victim’ in any way – that’s another story some people here have chosen to adopt. My job is to get in here, listen, [frankly] Please take care of this matter, and while personally annoyed by the way many are presenting themselves, make sure we’re backing the players internally. We do it regardless of whether it’s positive or negative and we always do.

[. . .] Personally I don’t agree that we ‘ow’ people a detailed thesis on ‘what 343 did in the last 6 years’ or ‘people used to think this was a good idea’ etc. try and deliver the best Halo game they can under very difficult circumstances. But, I’ll try to give at least some context for those interested.

[. . .] It’s not quite as trivial as ‘pressing a button.’ And given the size and complexity of this game – any and every change could have a major negative impact without extensive testing. Dealing with these feedback issues and figuring out ‘what CAN we do now’ is what the team has been and will continue to do. Everything must be tested. Everything has downstream dependencies and impacts on effects. And, we’re 4 days away from the global launch with the holidays right after.

[. . .] For what it’s worth, we’ll do what we can as soon as we can. If things didn’t live up to your expectations today, I’m sorry you were disappointed. I believe this game will keep getting better and better and all these problems are fixable. I also realize that some players won’t play anymore – maybe they come back, maybe they don’t. I also know – and want to be honest and upfront – that the speed with which the larger changes are implemented will not at all be as fast as many would like. Sure we had some issues, but I’m really proud of the platform the team was able to bring.

Everyone has the right to give their opinion. To play or not to play is your prerogative. I’d rather have people who are so passionate they’re yelling at us than no one cares about us. But I’m just asking everyone to take a breath here, understand that there are people behind this who have spent years of their lives just trying to create the best experiences they can, and Don’t be too quick to judge or assume you’ve got it all. find out.

And with that, I fully expect to roll out from here, but hopefully for some this post helps provide a bit more context. Everyone have a great weekend.”

Halo Infinite has been in open beta since November 15NS and will officially launch on PC and Xbox on December 8NS. The Halo subreddit is still locked as of the time of this writing.

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