Halo Infinite’s Sword may need more fights

Halo Infinite sees the return of the energy sword to the franchise, but it’s starting to stand out as a taming element of the game.


Halo Infinite seems to be on the perfect track in bringing back iconic fan-favorite weapons to Halo while also introducing a bunch of new ones that were quickly adopted by fans. Some of the returning favorites include sniper rifles, rocket launchers and, one of HaloThe most iconic weapon, the energy sword. Since it was introduced as a useful tool in Halo 2, the energy sword has been one of the franchise’s most coveted loot pieces and has always been one of the best weapons to use in most combat situations – which is still true in Halo Infinite.


While the energy sword is a The highest level weapon in HaloMultiplayer Beta of, it’s definitely not perfect. As the multiplayer portion of the game continues to evolve with the next updates, patches, and seasonal changes, hopefully 343 Industries can provide a solution to the lack of common countermeasures for those faced an angry Spartan wielding a sword. Simply put: Halo InfiniteThe sword’s energy is too strong and it needs to be nerfed a bit or let 343 introduce more ways for the player to counter it.

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Halo Infinite’s Energy Sword

Spartan wields energy sword

The energy sword is a key element of Halo since the first game was released in 2001, so it includes Halo Infinite continues to reign as one of the franchise’s best weapons, however, it stands out among the rest of the power weapons in the game as one that feels a bit overwhelming. Are from Halo Infinitesurprise early release, it’s not uncommon for players to post clips of themselves on social media getting up to 5 kills in a minute with the sword, thanks to its fast dash, low kill time, and skill ceiling requirement. relatively low capacity to use it.

While the lethality of the blade is a key element of the franchise, the energy sword just feels a bit out of place as an overpowered weapon in a game as well balanced as Halo Infinite. It could do well in some games by allowing the player more options against the weapon if a Spartan using it gets too close. Infinite There are already some counter options available, such as knockback and other powerful weapons, but most players are simply unlucky when facing someone with a sword overhead.

Fixing the balance of a game is easier said than done, as changing one element often has big consequences in other areas, so the fixes suggested below are far from perfect. and may require further adjustment if 343 Industries applied them to the game. That said, they can hopefully provide a look at some of the options available to the studio when it comes to power sword balancing.

When Halo Infinite provides a dodge in the form of a thruster, it can be worthwhile to allow the player to perform a contextual dodge when dashed by a sword user. It can be a short, challenging quick-time event that requires the player to tap an on-screen prompt to allow them to escape the initial attack similar to QTE required to exit EMMI in Metroid Dread. The sword can also require the player using it to take a second to increase the sword’s power, temporarily slowing them down and opening them up for an attack before unleashing a deadly blow. This could give players the ability to attack first and gain the upper hand while also changing the meta around the sword and its use cases.

Halo Infinite Released on December 8th for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Multiplayer beta available now.

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