Halo Infinite’s grenades have become the subject of great debate

When 343 Industries launched the first beta for Halo Infinite, many fans were impressed with the multiplayer experience. Although not a complete copy of the previous games, InfiniteMultiplayer evokes similar emotions and suggests that the developers were on the right track.

Now Halo Infinite multiplayer has officially launched (albeit still under the beta label), players have begun to take a closer look at the experience. Had changes made to the game’s Battle Pass based on criticism, but there are a few other factors that some players feel need tweaking. For example, grenades have been a subject of controversy since the end of the year.


Halo Infinite and Grenade use

While many games tend to use grenades as a one-hit-kill option with specific survivability, grenades in Halo almost as essential as weapons and melee attacks. In a way, the use of grenades is a a part of HaloDNA of than a lot of other shooters and can be used in many different ways. The player can initiate a skirmish with a well-placed grenade to weaken the opponent, then take a number of shots to finish them off. At the same time, a skilled player can use grenades to gain the upper hand in a losing gunfight.

But while that grenade utility in Halo Infinite helps make it unique, it can also be a bit overkill. Some argue that grenades are overused in Halo Infinite because of how available they are. Not only do the players start with two grenades without any kind of cooldown, but these grenades also spawn almost instantly. Most Halo Infinite players could have experienced tons of grenade spam while playing, if not for them to have thrown a ton.

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Halo newbies are the most surprised by the experience as so many games teach players to be careful with their explosives. In Halo Infinite, sometimes the best answer is just toss both grenades and hope for the best. Obviously more skilled players can do some crazy things with grenades like throw them off walls or quickly hurl them at the foot and back, but the question is how often should that be an option. choose. Are two grenades too much?

At the same time, the use of grenades eliminates some of the severe camping that can happen in the objective-based Halo Infinite mode. If a group can only “turtle” in a specific location on map in Oddball, they can often take a huge lead or even win outright. But the ample amount of grenades available allows the opposition to push that team out and potentially give them an advantage when charging in.

343 Industries has said that they are monitoring feedback from players and wouldn’t be surprised to learn that grenades are near the top of the studio’s list of potential balance issues. Perhaps putting the grenade on cooldown is the answer, or making it so the player only shows up with one grenade might help eliminate that overuse somewhat. Hope is whatever changes Halo Infinite make doesn’t push the game too far from its current identity. Most agree that Halo Infinite in a good place, play-wise; it just might be worth tweaking some factors down a bit.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available.

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