Halo Infinite’s Attrition Mode Feels Like The First Step Towards Battle Royale

Original Bungie Halo The movie trilogy helped revolutionize first-person shooters on consoles, but many feel the series’ latest release – Halo Infinite – follow more trends than it poses. While there is an independent campaign bringing in Master Chief Zeta Halo open world, its free-to-play multiplayer follows a seasonal battle-passing pattern with weekly challenges and revolving storefronts, capturing the success of modern titles like Fortnite. There is no battle royale in Halo Infinite, but its new Attrition game mode has obvious similarities.


Attention has been added as a title mode for Halo InfiniteCyber ​​Showdown Event; third limited-time event since the game’s launch last year. Cyber ​​Showdown is a mix of the previous Fracture: Tenrai and Winter Contingency events, as it will only be available through February 1st but only offers rewards to players who complete weekly challenges involve. While Fracture: Tenrai includes a Fiesta playlist familiar to longtime fans, the new Attrition mode is like a unique test of battle royale mechanics in shorter matches.

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How Halo Infinite’s Attrition Mode Works

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The Cyber ​​Showdown event went live on Tuesday, January 18, giving users the chance to compete for 1980s-inspired cosmetics. They’ll need a solid understanding of the Attrition game mode to get there, and it’s a bit of a complicated idea compared to many Halo Infinite playlists like Tactical Slayer. Each team of four starts with eight collective revivals that work similarly to the base modes like Slayer, Oddball, and Capture the Flag. After the respawn time expires, any player who dies will be removed from the game.

These deaths are not necessarily permanent; The Spartan leaves an orb containing their chosen AI companion, and teammates can manually revive their teammates if they have enough time with the orb. However, each “permanent” death leaves a team with increasingly higher odds, especially if they end up in a situation where there are only one or two members left while the opposing team is still respawning – according to literally fighting attrition. The system encourages teamwork more than most modes in Halo Infinite, as the player can hunt down enemies but lone wolves can die and leave their orbs guarded as traps.

This increased sense of companionship is reminiscent of battles like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone, especially playing in a duo or quartet corridor where it is important to avoid disadvantages. Adding to this familiarity is the appearance of a “Death Zone” section through the matches. It works the same way as the last circle in other battle royale games, starting at the outer rim of the map and slowly infiltrating to force opposing teams into conflict.

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Attention is a good sign for the development of Halo Infinite

343 potential battle royale game mode industries

Many of the fundamentals for battle royale staples are in Halo InfiniteAttrition’s mode, though it’s difficult to say whether an official battle royale will be introduced. The rumors were quashed by developers like 343 Industries’ community manager Brian Jarrad in December 2020, but the information crawls from the game’s Closed Technical Preview in July 2021. include Halo Infinite The audio clip refers to the term “battle royale.”

For now, it can be said that no real battle royale mode will be introduced any time soon. Developer 343 Industries just released one hotfix for Big Squad 12v12 playlistand connectivity problems can be markedly worse when reaching dozens or even hundreds of players at once. Attrition is an interesting experiment in the meantime, as it creates a unique combat tempo and draws more attention to teamwork using the 4v4 map in the event roster. Cyber ​​Showdown.

That pace could be improved in the future, assuming 343 Industries introduces the Attrition playlist permanently. The Death Zone shows up late in the game and moves slowly enough that it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but consider that battle royale mechanic is a clever way to make sure the game doesn’t last forever. Hopefully more innovative modes and maps will be introduced soon, perhaps also using ideas like Death Zones, to ensure Halo Infinite keep its current momentum.

Halo Infinite Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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