Halo Infinite’s Active Combat Passing Challenges Shouldn’t Repeat Goals

Halo Infinite had a strong release after 343 Industries ‘decided to delay it over a year past the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. It did not receive a completely warm reception, with many fans complaining about the variety of playlists and progress through the battle. The developer has worked to address these concerns, leaving Halo Infinite in a largely good place until 2022.

Regarding the variety of playlists, new options with Team Slayer, Free-for-All, Tactical Slayer and Fiesta modes were introduced on December 14, giving fans a choice. Alternatives to Quick Play and Big Team Battle playlists available since open multiplayer went into beta. Passing the battle has been resolved through 343 Industries increasing the number of points that can be earned from the player’s first few battles each day. New types of challenges have also been added Halo Infinite corresponds to a broader playlist selection. However, allocating challenges can make it difficult for users if they are faced with activities they don’t want.


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How Halo Infinite Challenges Work

November 2021 change 343 industries daily rewards

When writing this article, people use Halo InfiniteThe free multiplayer component of the game has access to four challenges at once. There is a daily slot with diminishing returns, starting at 300 points for a match and ending with a series of 50 point matches. Three weekly challenges are also available, covering all manner of play from accumulating kills using certain weapons to playing and/or winning matches on certain playlists. Players who purchase a Premium battle pass get an extra weekly challenge, and these challenges reset every Tuesday at 12:00pm EST.

If players don’t want to wait for the weekly reset, there is only one option to get new challenges. Halo InfiniteBeat the battle of the Challenge Swap included as rewards, each allows the user to substitute a single target on their list. The challenge swap is the main item free-to-play users can unlock as most cosmetics are locked behind the Premium card, but having this challenge switch option may not solve the underlying problem when weekly services repeat.

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Why 343 industries should consider limiting these types of challenges

infinite ffa halo

Just because a player’s active weekly challenge list includes something related to a particular playlist or weapon doesn’t mean another variation is banned. In some respects, this may be harmless, or even beneficial. For example, if a player is pursuing a challenge to destroy Tactical killer, they might appreciate getting a second challenge that requires even more Tactical Slayer kills – or challenges to play certain matches in that mode. Even if the user doesn’t want to do that task, the Challenge Swap can be used.

However, the Challenge Swap is a finite resource for players hoping to avoid microtransactions in the shop (and even so they might enjoy buying cosmetics like Halo Infinitepopular cat ears). Players may end up stuck with a wall of challenges in a game mode they don’t want. In some cases, this can be due to unmanageable randomness, as some modes like Oddball and Strongholds are locked in alternate Quick Play or Big Team Battle playlists.

In other cases, one could argue that there is accessibility concern with 343 Industries’ current approach. Ranked content is included in everyone’s weekly challenge rotation, meaning casual players or users Microsoft accessibility features may be forced to play at a high level they are not comfortable with. With the ultimate daily match score providing only 50 out of the 1,000 needed for promotion, grappling through the challenges may become the only way to conquer the 100 ranks in Halo InfiniteOvercome the battle.

One solution to this concern is that 343 Industries implements a system that prevents overlapping challenges. Overarching categories like Tactical Killers and taking down opponents with melee attacks can still pop up in confined spaces where players aren’t likely to get stuck with three matching challenges that won’t stop them. they do not want. If not, Halo Infinite may have to further adjust its progress through battle, which avoids being dependent on challenges by providing points based on player performance rather than a fixed rate.

Halo Infinite Currently available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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