Halo Infinite: Who Are the Endless?

With the release Halo Infinite, the Halo The story feels like it’s finally closed the door to its previous storylines and is heading in a new direction. There are still Halo rings, UNSC allies, rogue AI, and Covenant enemies, but new elements are slowly making their way in. A running theme Halo InfiniteMaster Chief’s story needs to let go of the people and things he used to know and embrace a new family in the Pelican pilot and Weapons. The free-to-play and multiplayer open world is a bold new direction for the series, as is the ability to expand environments and interact in new ways with grappling hooks. However, there is a feeling that 343 Industries is starting this new era on a safe note.


Something big is hiding behind it all Infiniteevent’s, however. A new enemy faction is being prepared for release on Zeta Halo, and Master Chief is directly entering its path. The Covenant splinter’s group known as the Banished came across a species that its predecessors greatly feared, even more than the flood, due to their inexplicable achievements. Only one member of Xalanyn, commonly known as the Endless, has been encountered so far, but it seems many more are not far behind. This topic is the key to the direction Halo is aiming, so please look forward to Spoilers for Halo Infinite.

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Xalanyn’s background

a purple hologram of a woman facing a large, bearded, gorilla-like blue hologram in a large room

Like most Halo players know, standard halo rings was the method used by the Forerunners to wipe out virtually all of the Flood besieging the galaxy. By emitting a frequency that could destroy the nervous system of a living being, Halos wiped out nearly all sentient life in the universe. Only a few Elves remain in specially shielded locations, and they appear to make sure the resettlement of the galaxy goes according to plan before banishing themselves. However, they ran into a problem: a species that had survived the apocalypse was created.

At the moment, it is very rare to detail what exactly Xalanyn is. They are an advanced civilization present at the same time as the Forerunner and not indexed before Halo Array is enabled. During the century after the shooting, the Forerunners were puzzled to discover that the Xalanyn civilization was still alive and well. The two groups arranged a game, and Zeta Halo was brought near Xalanyn’s hometown. This was a trap, as the Predecessors saw Xalanyn as a threat far beyond the Great Flood and sealed off the species in Halo. The Grand Edict forces 117649 Despondent Pyre to guard Xalanyn’s prison and assigns the dangerous attacking AI Bias AI to the ring to aid them.

What the Infinite Will Do in Halo

Halo Infinite Boss Harbinger

The First Men also subdued several members of their species and studied them at the Silent Auditorium. Xalanyn was probably angry at the Forerunners’ possible unreasonable treatment of them, and this displeasure only added to their anger. A member of Endless in Halo Infinite, Harbinger, is vague about her plans for the galaxy but seems intent on avenging the Forerunners’ deeds. She allied herself with Banished, who freed her and gave them access to Forerunner’s technology. They worked together to infiltrate the Silent Auditorium and free Xalanyn trapped there, but Master Chief kills Harbinger before she can succeed.

However, Halo Infinitepost-credits scene of indicates that there are Endless sealed elsewhere on Zeta Halo, and that Banished’s founder Atriox is about to release them. Endless will probably be the main enemy in the sequel Halo campaign, using a combination of Banished forces, Forerunner defenders, and their technology to gain control of Halo. They may also be involved in time travel based on the gate opened for Master Chief in Infiniteover, but that’s just speculation. Either way, Endless will definitely give players more Halogreat battles as they appear in the next game or story update for Infinite.

Halo Infinite available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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