Halo Infinite Video shows problem using Sniper with mouse and keyboard

A Halo Infinite player believes they have discovered evidence that the game adds ‘anti-aim assist’ to mouse and keyboard sniper scenes.

Sniper gun in endless halo

Have a never ending conversation about the positives and negatives of using a controller or mouse and keyboard in an online shooter like Halo Infinite. Few could argue that the combination of the mouse and the keyboard provides greater accuracy when using weapons such as Halo InfiniteHowever, sniper rifles. At least, that’s what players intuitively believe. However, one player believed that they had discovered evidence that Halo Infinite introduced “anti-aim assist” when using a non-zoom sniper rifle with a mouse and joystick.


Reddit user samurai1226 shared a video early Thursday showcasing what they believe is some kind of active aiming assist that pushes the player’s eye away from an opponent when firing a sniper rifle and using a mouse and keyboard. control. The video shows Halo Infinite players use a variety of weapons with both controller and mouse + keyboard configuration. However, when they show the sniper rifle with mouse + keyboard, it seems that the reticle often adjusts itself to stay away from the opponent’s hit square.

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Again, the problem only appears when using it sniper rifles shot from the hip. It is also presented in a very interesting way. It’s not as if the reticle is adjusted away from where the player is aiming. Instead, there seems to be some kind of friction that moves the box away from the opponent’s hitbox as the player adjusts their aim. The product is the same, regardless of its complexity. Mouse + keyboard users have a harder time hitting opponents with a sniper rifle when aiming from the hip.

Halo Infinite The remaining player questions whether this analysis is genuine and accurate. Obviously, it would be easy to fake such a video. samurai1226 can easily be manufactured broken Aid Aid handmade. It’s also possible that samurai1226’s intentions were honest, but he struggled to meaningfully test the target.

Regardless of the video’s realism or accuracy, Halo Infinite player seems more comfortable believing its hypothesis. Many comments describe how frustrating it is to use a sniper rifle when shooting from the hip and how inaccurate it is when using mouse + keyboard. These players just want it fixed and improved.

There is also a deeper question, which is if 343 Industries this anti-aiming assist setup is for the purpose so that mouse + keyboard users can’t use sniper rifles to shoot accurately from the hip. In a way, it will even be a playground for cross-game controller users. But if it’s true, it will create a lot Halo Infinite PC players are very frustrating.

Halo Infinite Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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