Halo Infinite Review: Master Chief Returns Winning

It’s been six long years since the last FPS entry in the Halo series, suffice it to say Halo Infinite there’s a lot to live for, not to mention making up for after, shall we say, decide on Halo 5: Guardians. Thankfully, 343 Industries certainly know what they’re doing, as right from the opening cutscene, Halo Infinite feels like a love letter to Halo both new and old.

As you may have heard, Halo Infinite It’s a bit different from its predecessors thanks to the mostly open world setting of Zeta Halo. This brand new world may sound scary at first, but you don’t just drop yourself and let it loose in the first place. Instead, you have a few linear quests to complete first, so there’s no denying that this latest entry in the franchise is definitely a Halo game, just a game with unique flares. its own unique.

After opening a few typical Halo missions, you are free to participate Halo InfiniteIts huge open world is full of collectibles and activities for you to enjoy, as long as you don’t mind walking to get there. However, with the new Grapple Shot on your arm from the start of the game, that doesn’t mean you won’t actually be walking too much anymore as grappling your way around the environment is often quicker, more useful, and a lot more fun than walking.

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Even as he fights for screen time with The Harbinger, Escharum remains a compelling villain.

It’s fun to slingshot your way around Zeta Halo with Grapple Shot, some of you will realize through your adventures that the part of the ring we’re given isn’t the most varied map over there. The terrain may be just a choice between undulating hills interspersed with the Giant Road and clean precursor architecture, but it’s undeniably breathtaking, especially at the right time. point of the day.

When you’re not just admiring the scenery, there’s plenty for you to do in Halo Infinite as you’re leading the war effort against the Banished. With propaganda towers to destroy, squads of marines to rescue and banished outposts to clear, you’ll never be far from the action and earn some Valor to upgrade your Operations Base Forward (FOB’s) and unlock new vehicles, weapons or marines to help in the fight.

Halo InfiniteIts open world may come with all the usual trimmings you would expect from an open world game, such as loads of collectibles, upgrades, and audio logs, but its campaign it’s an unmistakable reminder that you’re playing a Halo game.

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I only had this AI for a day and a half, but if anything happens to it, I will kill everyone in this room and then myself.

For fans who are worried about what 343 Industries might do next after the end of Halo 5: Guardians, you need not worry, as Halo Infinite’s story is a gripping personal adventure. back to last year’s beloved Halo games. Though brief, the campaign is simply breathtaking, filled with intrigue and pathos that will keep you hooked and distracted from the open-world content on offer.

Getting caught up isn’t too difficult, but disappointingly, the open world can almost entirely be skipped if you’re only interested in the main story. While the different halves of Halo Infinite feel they should link together, there’s hardly any connection between Master Chief’s story and your own as you lead the war effort on Zeta Halo. That’s not to say that your own war stories are disappointing in any way, as that’s quite the opposite.

Halo Infinite’s open world is like an engine for the exciting moments the franchise has always been able to create in combat and multiplayer. Thanks to the iconic Halo level design, no matter how you approach patrols or banished outposts in the open world, you’ll always have a story or two to tell, as 343 Industries has made sure guarantee that you will participate in every war.

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Flying vehicles open up even more possibilities, but you’ll only get them at the end of the game.

Unlike most open-world games that let you snipe enemies from the top of a mountain, Halo Infinite forces you into the action because ammo is scarce. This scarcity sends you into combat, searching for weapons and throwing fusion coils as you grapple around the environment, and it’s unmistakably awe-inspiring Halo action.

Along with the great level design, Halo’s breathtaking score also goes a long way in making the moments special outside of the story. When those familiar riffs pop up as you’re storming an outpost, you can’t help but get into the action, literally becoming the spartan of your own story.

Unfortunately, while Halo Infinite celebrates old Halo games through its mechanics and adorably grumbles that there’s a core piece of its DNA missing, which is a co-op campaign. The feature will be added next May, but we can’t help but think that Halo Infinite is lacking a bit of its selves until then, as the breathtaking action almost requires others to share and enjoy it.


For £50, Halo Infinite may not be the easiest way to sell at face value due to only 10-20 hours of content on offer, but it’s well worth the money. Not only for the next thrilling chapter in Master Chief’s story, but also for the breathtaking open world that doesn’t dilute the iconic game experience in its expansive breadth. It may have taken six years, but Halo Infinite was well worth the wait.

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