Halo Infinite players use Theat sensor to create mobile radar

Halo Infinite players discover a new way to use tactical Threat Sensors, turning their teammates into portable enemy detectors.

halo infinite threat sensor

Daily, Halo Infinite players are exploring the game’s sandbox, experimenting with things that seem odd or shouldn’t work, only to be surprised when they happen. Some Halo Infinite players have found a new way to use the Threat Sensing device, changing it from a static radar to a mobile device.

An often forgotten part of Halo Sandbox experiences are different pieces of equipment for Spartans, with each game offering a range of familiar and new toys. Halo InfiniteGrapples’ photo Probably the most important piece of equipment in the game, encounters drastically change the way the Spartans move, and are featured prominently in a lot of the game’s marketing. For the Threat Sensor, the player practically fires a dart at any surface where it creates a pulse-like effect that will tag and reveal the location of enemies passing through it. Besides Graotershot and Threat Sensor are other toys like the classic Overshield, Repulsor and Drop Wall.


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Halo Infinite players have discovered that Threat Sensors can stick to other players, making them portable enemy detectors. In a post on Halo Infinite subreddit, user Lifeline_is_Wifeline accidentally shoots a teammate with the Threat Sensor, which latches onto them and works as usual, continuing to generate friendly pulses when trying to find enemy players.

Sadly, the player doesn’t come across any enemies to tag but the image of the Threat Sensor beeping as they run around is quite amusing. It’s reminiscent of fan-favorite weapons Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardian weapon, Sticky Detonator, although the Threat Sensor lacks explosive potential.

However, that doesn’t mean the Threat Sensor can’t kill. One player in the comments alleges that they knocked out an opposing player with a piece of equipment, with the game saying they did the kill, but not giving it an icon in the kill feed. Some were unimpressed with Lifeline_is_Wifeline’s post, surprised that users ended up encountering this game with Threat Sensor. They give their opinion on the team-following strategy, stating that it may not be very useful unless the player can stick an enemy player to it and potentially revealing their entire team.

Regardless of the usefulness of the strategy, however, it is a neat discovery that is testament to the design of the Halo Infinitesandbox of. Naturally, a player’s first impression of the Threat Sensor will stick to the environment, ignoring the possibility of placing it on teammates and enemies. It’s still only the second week of Halo InfiniteMultiplayer mode is being offered, one can only imagine the secrets and possibilities hidden in the game just waiting for players to experiment and find out.

NS Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game coming December 8.

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