Halo Infinite Players Spot Craig Meme Easter Egg

In a nod to fans and how far the game has come, 343 Industries includes a reference to the infamous Craig in Halo Infinite’s campaign.

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Despite what people think, Halo Infinite Still not done with Craig. In a video posted to YouTube by Mint Blitz, who had early access to the campaign, an Easter egg was found associated with the infamous Brute.

Craig is the name given to a Brute in the first game trailer for Halo Infinite. The video came out on July 23, 2020, and Craig arrived shortly after 4 minutes. Fans quickly tore down the trailer, and in particular, decried Craig’s poor graphics quality. Since then, a new trailer has been revealed on October 25, and Brutes has received quite a bit of rework. While many assumed Craig would get the same job, the evidence in the video below seems to suggest the opposite.


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The Easter egg, found by the Mint Blitz, is in a particularly hard-to-reach spot during the campaign. At the top of the building at the start of the fourth mission is a memorial to Craig that looks like an advertisement. Looks like Craig has had a pretty successful musical career and has a full tour planned for 2560. It focuses entirely on Zeta Halo and includes nine concerts beginning on October 24 at the Outpost Tremonius and ending on November 15 at the House of Reckoning.

In addition to advertising, there is a setting to play a concert. Among the lights and equipment is an album. Best songs includes 14 songs by famous musician Brute. Many of the songs seem to hint at one thing or another from the initial level. For example, “I can’t grow a beard” is a reference to the sudden beard that Brutes grew after malicious mockery from fans. “Popped In The Chin By My Friend” is clearly another reference to Halo Infinite game demo where Master Chief performs a melee attack on Craig. The full list of songs follows:

  • “I Smile Inside”

  • “For Craig”

  • “I Was Alone”

  • “I Got Tears Last Summer”

  • “My mother used to love me”

  • “Popped In The Chin By My Friend”

  • “Space Gophers, Where’s Rhinos Going?”

  • “The Scent of Flowers Makes Me Happy”

  • “Your words hurt, but I like it”

  • “The day you became a meme”

  • “Grunt! Grunt! Grunt!”

  • “I can’t grow a beard”

  • “I’m So Famous”

It’s great to see how humble and 343 Industries can take the challenge and turn it into something playful. Craig is one of those rare phenomena in the game where something positive can emerge from the negative. It wasn’t a forced meme and in the end, everyone had fun with it. Now, if only 343 Industries would make a full-length album for the fictional rock star in a way Guardians of the Galaxy did with the band Star-Lord.

Halo Infinite will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8. Multiplayer beta is available now.

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