Halo Infinite player zaps Wasp with perfectly timed cell throw

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer releases and fans produce impressive levels, such as a recently perfectly timed Power Cell throw that blew up a Wasp in the air.

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343 Industries has released a beta of Halo InfiniteXbox multiplayer in celebration of its 20th anniversary, and the fans played great. One Halo players even knock out Wasp with a perfectly timed electric cell throw.

Reddit user R1g0r_m0rt1z recently posted a clip from Halo Infinite multiplayer open beta in which they focused on an aerial Wasp. In the clip, R1g0r_m0rt1z’s Halo Infinite The multiplayer team drew with the opposing team one on one. In response, R1g0r_m0rt1z began to fire furiously at the enemy Wasp in the sky above the map. R1g0r_m0rt1z unloaded a full magazine to try to shoot the Wasp, but it was the Power Cell that gave them the edge Halo Infinite transport.


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After launching a clip into the sky without hitting Wasp enemies, as if they were affected by Halo Infinite Aiming error, R1g0r_m0rt1z levitates itself into the sky with a Jump Pad right after obtaining a nearby Power Cell. Ready Halo Infinite Power Cell to activate, R1g0r_m0rt1z focused on throwing at Wasp in the air while soaring through the sky. Upon reaching a higher altitude in the sky than the opposing team’s Wasp, R1g0r_m0rt1z threw the Power Cell with great force towards the flying Wasp.

To R1g0r_m0rt1z’s surprise, the Power Cell connected to the Wasp and destroyed it in a powerful explosion. After generating Source Cell R1g0r_m0rt1z, Halo Infinite Multiplayer fans were rewarded with the assurance that their performance was incredible by a Spartan in addition to the Kong and Killjoy badges. NS Halo Infinite the player lands right next to another teammate being shot by wasps at the end of the clip of R1g0r_m0rt1z.

Around the same time that R1g0r_m0rt1z was about to throw the Power Cell, the voiceover revealed another play someone had performed that left viewers in awe. Although the subtitles suggest that this is due to Halo Infinite honors, it also seems to have signaled the Power Cell throw of R1g0r_m0rt1z. R1g0r_m0rt1z passively reacted to their successful throws by shaking their camera after the explosion, which was a glorified expression with the Reddit community.

Halo Infinite has yet to be fully released, but 343 Industries has made it accessible to many players through an open beta, which is free for fans to try. 343 Industries continues to work to improve Halo Infinite multiplayer when the official launch coincides with the release Halo Infiniteof the campaign. The developer has confirmed the adjustments to Halo InfiniteBattle Pass of after countless fans responded to it with criticism.

Halo Infinite releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8.

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