Halo Infinite needs to fix its Battle Pass Progress ASAP

The surprise release of Halo InfiniteThis week’s multiplayer has gone well for fans of the series, who have been wanting to get back into the fray after successful multiplayer previews since the start of the year. While it’s still early days, the reception to the multiplayer aspect of the game has been overwhelmingly positive, with only one big thing remaining as an issue: Halo InfiniteBattle pass system. On the one hand, fans are happy that the battle never expires, meaning that anyone who bought it can spend an infinite amount of time researching the development process, but on the other hand, it seems It may take much longer to make progress. more than the fans wanted.


Fans were cautious about Halo Infinite since it was delayed in 2020, but as more details about it were revealed, many concerns have been quelled. Based on the actual previews 343 Industry ran at the beginning of the year, HaloMultiplayer looks like it will be a solid component of the game, and so far, that is proving to be true. While the fast-paced, arena-style matches with fine-tuned gameplay are enough to keep many fans engaged with the game, its progression loop is something that keeps coming back for more every week. . If 343 doesn’t fix the progress through the battle soon, then Halo Infinite may not have the longevity expected by the studio.

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Halo Infinite Battle Pass Issues

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Problems with Halo Infinite‘s combat pass system It’s pretty simple: players gain XP too slowly to feel the excitement, as XP is only rewarded for completing specific set challenges, not simply participating in matches. Furthermore, many fans have cited bugs with challenges meaning that, despite completing them, they don’t unlock. As a result, progress has slowed to a complete halt for some. This problem means that part of the excitement that comes with playing a competitive online game may fade sooner rather than later and need to be addressed.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Quick Fix Is Key

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Lucky for the fans, 343 Industries has begun to solve the problem, with several key employees saying they have heard of the change requests and are monitoring the situation. Speed ​​will be key to the fix, as first impressions are huge for competitive online games. If fans feel like they’re not making enough progress right away, they can jump out of the game for good, even if the problem has been fixed at some point.

Marketing around early release Halo InfiniteThe game’s multiplayer mode is a bit confusing, with some Microsoft accounts calling the game’s early release a Beta of the game and others saying it has already kicked off an official first season. If the game is in Beta, then a big change to its battle might be in line with expectations of being able to play the game soon, but waiting too long to change things up with the official start of Halo Infinitefirst season could be a wrong step. For example, if 343 had waited for the game’s battle revisions until the official release of the game’s campaign on December 8, they might have turned too many fans out of multiplayer for three weeks. wait.

Had a lot of promises are expressed with Halo Infinitemultiplayer so far, and it would be a shame if it lost its audience based on its weak battle progress. It’s a good sign that 343 Industries is looking to work around the issue, so fans are hoping that a satisfying fix will arrive in the next week or so.

Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is available now, and its campaign releases on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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