Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Weapon Tier List

The Halo Infinite multiplayer Beta is in full swing as 343 Industries surprised fans earlier this month by revealing that the game’s free-to-play multiplayer would be available several weeks early, dropping before the December 8 launch of Halo Infinite‘s campaign. Fans have already been diving deep into the multiplayer modes and have found them to be quite enjoyable, with many citing the game as some of the best competitive multiplayer shooting in recent memory.

One of the aspects that makes Halo Infinite such a strong entry in the first-person shooter genre is just how unique some of its weapons are when compared to the likes of the more grounded games in the genre from this year like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. Although the sheer number of weapons included in the game along with 343 Industries’ promise to add more weapons to it later down the line can be daunting, the tier list below should be able to help out anyone looking to get started with Halo Infinite.


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S7 Sniper after being fired

Energy Sword – There’s just no denying the quality of the Energy Sword in the entire Halo series. When it was first introduced as a usable weapon in Halo 2, it completely flipped the multiplayer upside down and it continues to be one of the best items to find in Halo Infinite. Its speed combined with its lethality makes it a must-have over just about every weapon featured on this list. The only issue with it is the obvious range limitations, but if players can corner enemies in tight corridors or smaller buildings, they shouldn’t have a problem getting in close for an easy Killing Spree thanks to the range of the Energy Sword’s lunge.

CQS48 Bulldog – Like the Energy Sword, shotguns have always been coveted weapons in the Halo series. Infinite has replaced the one-shot-one-kill shotguns from the past with the Bulldog that, although isn’t as instantly lethal as previous shotguns, is still a fast way to take out multiple enemies. It doesn’t have much worth when firing at range in the many open areas in Halo Infinite‘s maps, but it’s still a top pick in the smaller Slayer maps or when defending an objective.

M41 SPNKRHalo‘s classic rocket launcher is back in the form of the M41 SPNKR, which has major multi-kill potential since a well-placed rocket can devastate enemies behind cover or grouped up for an all-out assault. Unlike the rest of the weapons in the S-Tier, the rocket launcher has the ability to demolish any and all vehicles with only a few rounds. The cost of firing, however, is great, as the weapon doesn’t come with a lot of ammo to spare, so anyone using it needs to pick their shots wisely. It’s no wonder that it’s classified as a power weapon and doesn’t spawn natively in any of the maps given its immense damage output.

VK78 Commando – The VK78 Commando is essentially a more powerful version of the basic Assault Rifle iconic to the Halo series. While it fires a little bit slower and has a smaller clip, the Commando packs a heavy punch and is relatively useful at range. The one drawback to that, however, is that it kicks back pretty hard with each consecutive round, so players either need to watch the recoil heavily, or fire in small bursts to deal the most damage possible.

S7 Sniper – Another Halo classic, the sniper rifle hits hard and is incredibly useful at pinning enemies down at mid to long range. One single headshot is enough to kill an enemy, but a body shot will get them pretty close to death as well. If the player can outdraw their enemy after a successful body shot, getting a kill is still relatively simple depending on the secondary weapon and the range. The one downside to the sniper is that its aiming reticle is minisucle and doesn’t have much worth in close range fights unless the wielder is highly skilled at Halo Infinite or is just incredibly lucky.


Gravity Hammer on display

Gravity Hammer – There’s a lot to love about the Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite, but because of its slow speed, it’s outclassed by a lot of the S-Tier weapons. That said, it’s hands-down the best weapon for a player to use if surrounded by a group of enemies in close quarters. Its massive damage radius means that getting multiple kills with a single swing is extremely common for anyone wielding it. However, the time between hitting the button to bring the hammer down and it actually making impact opens the player up for counter attacks, meaning that it’s one of Halo Infinite‘s highest risk, highest reward combat options.

BR75 – The Battle Rifle makes its return for Halo Infinite and, although it isn’t as powerful as its more classic counterparts, still packs a punch when dealing with incoming Spartans. The burst nature of the rifle paired with its enhanced zoom allows for players to take control of the battle field at a relatively long range. When fighting against enemies who’ve had their shields depleted, the Battle Rifle becomes one of the most lethal weapons in Halo Infinite as it can instantly kill anyone without a shield with a single burst.

Mangler – Although it bears a striking resemblance to the Brute Mauler from earlier Halo games, the Mangler actually isn’t a handheld shotgun, and is instead more of a handcanon than anything else. Although its rate of fire is relatively low for handheld weapons in the game, the Mangler can take out an incoming Spartan with three to four solid hits and is useful at medium to close range. What’s more, the giant blades connected to it give it an extra punch when using it in melee combat, giving it even more of an edge when used in close quarters.

Skewer – If used correctly, the Skewer can be one of Halo Infinite‘s most deadly weapons. It deals a high amount of damage and can completely wreck most vehicles in a shot or two. However, its small aiming reticle means that players will need some finess to properly weild it. Given the inherent accuracy advantage that playing on a mouse and keyboard gives a player, it’s best used by PC players who are experienced using weapons that require pinpoint accuracy. Although the skill required to use it is high, the Skewer can rip through enemy forces if wielded by the right player.

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halo infinite shocking enemies

Shock Rifle – It’s important when picking up a Shock Rifle to understand its functionality. While it certainly can be used against enemy Spartans, players will have a lot more luck using it to take out incoming vehicles. Two shots to any of Halo Infinite‘s vehicles from the Shock Rifle and the engine will stall causing everyone inside to be wide open for attacks. Otherwise, the Shock Rifle doesn’t have a very high damage output when facing Spartans and, although it has the ability to shock nearby enemies, the damage it does to those around the initial target is pretty minuscule. As such, it shouldn’t be counted on to take care of multiple enemies at once unless they’re all an inch from death.

DisruptorHalo Infinite doesn’t seem to feature any sort of Plasma Rifle as featured in the rest of the Halo series, though the Disruptor serves a similar function with a few key differences. If a player wants to shred through an enemy’s shields, then the Disruptor is a great weapon to use, however, once they’re down, players will be better off switching to anything else to finish the job. While useful, the Disruptor only holds ten rounds in a clip and, depending on the range, might not be able to take an enemy down in a single magazine. This makes it less useful than some of the other, harder hitting weapons featured in the game.

Heatwave – The Heatwave essentially serves as another shotgun for players to use in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer, but it doesn’t pack the same punch as the Bulldog given its in-line nature. The Heatwave fires six shots at once either in a horizontal or vertical line, so unless a player is really close to their enemy, they’re unlikely to land all six shots in a single pull of the trigger. That said, the Heatwave also bounces off of walls after being fired, meaning that players can shoot around walls and cover if the proper angles are in place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deal enough damage to be a go-to pick when faced with other options.

Sentinel Beam – The Sentinel Beam was one of the best ways to take care of the Flood in Halo‘s early entries, and now, it’s a decent pick to burn through an enemy’s shield. It comes with two downsides, though; the first is that, like many plasma-based weapons, it doesn’t do a lot of damage after the shields are gone, leaving the user open for attack. The other downside to the Sentinel Beam is that its nature as a constant beam weapon means that players can clearly see where they’re being attacked from and can turn around for a counter attack. This also opens the user up to attacks from other Spartans in the area who were alerted by the bright yellow beam being shot for several seconds at a time.

Cindershot – A lot of players are confused by the Cindershot, as it seems to be a Covenant-style grenade launcher. However, sometimes the grenades suddenly change course. That’s because its secondary firemode makes the grenades follow the players reticle instead of bouncing around like they usually do. Unfortuantely, the Cindershot isn’t easily controlled when playing on a console, but when using a mouse to aim its secondary firing mode, it can prove to be quite effective. This puts it in a strange spot for a tier list, as it’s inherently much more useful on PC while not having much value on console. For those playing on PC, it’s in B-Tier, while on console it’s in C-Tier.

MK50 Sidekick – The standard pistols in the Halo series have been all over the place, with the default pistol in the original Halo being one of the most overpowered weapons in video game history and some pistols in the series being essentially worthless. Luckily, Halo Infinite‘s Sidekick sidearm rides that line with grace, being a viable option if other weapons aren’t available. It’s especially useful if paired with a plasma weapon that can cut through shields, as a well-placed headshot can take an enemy down from a relatively good distance.

MA40 AR – Although it’s often the standard primary weapon in most Halo Infinite game modes, the Assault Rifle is a reliable gun for a player to lean on while they scour the map in search of more powerful alternatives. It isn’t particularly useful at range or when dealing with multiple enemies who’ve found better weapons, but the rifle can certainly hold its own in a firefight against similarly equipped enemies.

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halo infinite needler model

Plasma Pistol – While the Plasma Pistol gets a lot of flak for being one of the worst weapons in the series, a fully charged shot to a Spartan will completely drain their shields. If paired with a precision firing weapon like the Battle Rifle or Mangler, the Plasma Pistol can be a great asset, but on its own, it’s not a great pick. That said, player will rarely only have one weapon in Halo Infinite, so paired with the right secondary weapon, the Plasma Pistol can be a useful tool, even if it’s certainly not a first choice for anyone looking to rack up multiple kills in quick succession.

Stalker Rifle Covenant rifles are usually hit or miss in the Halo series, so Infinite does away with the previously used Carbine and Beam Rifle in favor of a new weapon: the Stalker Rifle. Unfortunately, it too isn’t the most useful weapon, as it attempts to marry a semi-automatic rifle with a sniper, but doesn’t pack the necessary punch to always be effective. The Stalker isn’t the worst rifle choice, but if given the opportunity to use a Battle Rifle or Commando, players should grab those over it.

Ravager – The Ravager is an interesting add to Halo, as there hasn’t been much like it in the rest of the series. Dealing AoE damage, the Ravager seems like it could be a high-tier weapon on paper, but in practice it’s anything but. The Ravager can lock down an area by spraying a layer of fire on the ground, but it doesn’t deal enough damage to make it a viable option for taking down enemies. At its best, the Ravager can slow enemies down but not take them out.

Needler – Unfortunately, despite its long history in the Halo series, the Needler doesn’t bring much to the table in Halo Infinite. It’s essentially been nerfed into being useless as its projectiles aren’t as heatseaking as they once were, and its effective range has been greatly reduced, forcing players to be far too close for comfort with the enemies. Given the Needler’s nature as a delayed grenade launcher, being in close proximity to an opponent isn’t ideal. Hopefully, it’ll be buffed in future iterations of the game, but for now it’s worth leaving if players have anything else to work with.

Hydra – The Hydra is back from Halo 5, but, like the Needler, it’s been nerfed to the point where it isn’t really worth picking up. Its lock-on capabilities make it a decent choice when taking out slow moving vehicles, but its glacial reload speed, low rate of fire, and low damage output means that it’s outclassed by plenty of other weapons.

Pulse Carbine – The Pulse Carbine is 343’s other attempt at changing up the Covenant weaponry by combining a few ideas from older weapons, but it’s perhaps the worst gun in the game. It can drain a shield alright, but its projectiles move far too slow to be useful. They can essentially be outrun by a sprinting enemy, making it a poor choice in just about any firefight. It doesn’t deal enough damage to justify its shortcomings, so players are better off with just about any other weapon.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The full game releases on December 8.

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