Halo Infinite HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh: Score, bracket, schedule

What better way to kick-start the resurgence of the beloved e-sports scene than with a 32-team offline major tournament? Period 2021-2022 Halo The Championship Series will open with the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh, North Carolina from December 17 to 19.

The Kickoff Major is the first stop in a long road leading up to the final event Halo The World Championships are in Seattle at the end of 2022, and the teams at 343 and Microsoft will go out in the open for a quirky match. A huge amount of HCS points will be available online along with a $250,000 prize pool.

Here’s everything you need to know about the HCS Kickoff Major.

HCS Kickoff Main Format

The HCS Kickoff Major includes a 16-team final along with an extended play, both of which will be included in a massive 32-team two-champion knockout that will determine the eventual winner.

The final round features 16 teams that qualify for the knockout round either through their regional qualifiers or by earning enough HCS points through the regional open series. 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups to compete in a round-robin round of 4 groups. The top two teams will advance to the second round of the upper group of the championship, and the bottom two will advance to the first round of the upper group of the championship.

The Open Frame is an open registration box that will generate 16 teams that will join the pool teams in the championship round. The top eight teams from the extended upper bracket will advance to the upper bracket championship, and the top eight from the expanded bottom bracket will advance to the lower bracket championship.

All matches will be the best, including Slayer, Oddball, CTF and Strongholds matches on Bazaar, Live Fire, Streets, Recharge or Aquarius. Here’s a breakdown of the playable game modes on each map:

  • Aquarius: CTF and Slayer
  • Bazaar: CTF and Slayer
  • Living Fire: Slayer, Oddball and Strongholds
  • Street: Slayer, Oddball and Strongholds
  • Charging: Slayer, Oddball and Strongholds

Teams participating in the HCS Kickoff Major

Below is a list of the 16 teams that have qualified for the pool round and the vehicles by which they qualified.

  • OpTic Gaming: Top 4 in NA . Qualifiers
  • The FaZe . Family (previously unthinkable) Top four at NA . Qualifier
  • eUnited: Top four at NA . Qualifier
  • G2 Esports: NA HCS Score
  • Cloud9: NA HCS points
  • Kansas City Pioneers: NA HCS points
  • Oxygen: NA HCS points
  • Acend (formerly Cartel): Top two in European Union Qualifiers
  • Quadrant (formerly OEX): Top two in European Union Qualifiers
  • Natus Vincere: EU HCS Score
  • Bing Chilling (formerly HMDA): EU HCS Score
  • Head of ESC Department: Winner of the Oceania Qualifier
  • Spirit: Oceania HCS Score *
  • Boys: EU HCS Score *
  • Space station: NA HCS Score *
  • XSET: HCS Score *

* Changes regarding pool team:

  • Sentinels have lost their billiards position as a result of Competition Judgment of HCS regarding Royal2’s use of geofiltering during the NA Qualifiers. Sentinels will play in the open with FormaL instead of Royal2. XSET has been awarded Sentinels playgroup points based on HCS points earned.
  • The three qualifying teams from the Mexico region (Pittsburgh Knights, Fire N Ice, and LeaveNoWitness) were unable to attend the event due to visa issues. The remaining top teams in HCS from each of the NA, EU and Oceania (Spacestation, The Boys and Divine Mind) will take their place.

Groups, brackets and schedules

Here are the four groups of round robin competition set up for the pool stage:

  • Group A: OpTic, Pioneers, Bing Chilling, Chiefs
  • Group B: FaZe, G2, Na’Vi, Divine Mind
  • Group C: eUnited, Quadrant, Oxygen, Boys
  • Group D: Cloud9, Acend, XSET, Spacestation


Time in CT and subject to change and delay.

Friday, December 17

  • 10am to 10pm CT: Group stage match open
  • 11 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. CT: Pool play and broadcasting

Saturday. December 18

  • 9am to 12pm CT: Group stage match open
  • 12 noon CT: Championship final round begins

Sunday, December 19

  • 9am CT: Championship round continues
  • 4:15 pm CT: Closing ceremony

Pool results

Group A

Team Series record Map record
OpTic Gaming 2-0 6-0
Kansas City Pioneers 2-0 6-1
Chief 1-2 4-6
Bing Chilling 0-3 0-9
  • Head of def. Bing Chilling (Captain 250-248 Stronghold on Live Fire, Leader 50-46 Slayer on Aquarius, Leader 3-1 CTF on Bazaar)
  • OpTic definition. Team Leader (OpTic 5-0 CTF on Aquarius, OpTic 50-33 Slayer on deposit, OpTic 2-1 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • Pioneer def. Bing Chilling (Pioneers 2-0 Oddball on Street, Pioneers 50-30 Slayer on Bazaar, Pioneers 250-246 Stronghold on Live Fire)
  • OpTic definition. Bing Chilling (OpTic 250-71 Stronghold on Recharge, OpTic 50-29 Slayer on Live Fire, OpTic 3-0 CTF on Bazaar)
  • Pioneer def. Tops (4-1 CTF Heads on Bazaar, 50-42 Slayer Pioneers on top-up, 2-0 Oddball Pioneers on Live Fire, 250-43 Strongholds Pioneers on the street)
  • LIVE: OpTic vs. Pioneers (OpTic 2-0 Oddball on deposit, OpTic 50-48 Slayer on Live Fire)

Group B

Team Series record Map record
The FaZe . Family 2-0 6-1
G2 Esports 2-0 6-2
Na’Vi 1-2 6-6
Spirit 0-3 0-9
  • Na’Vi protested. Divine Mind (Na’Vi 250-30 Strongholds on Live Fire, Na’Vi 50-28 Slayer on Aquarius, Na’Vi 5-0 CTF on Bazaar)
  • FaZe def. Divine Mind (FaZe 5-1 CTF on Aquarius, FaZe 50-35 Slayer on recharge, FaZe 2-0 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • G2 determines Na’Vi (Na’Vi 2-0 Oddball on road, Na’Vi 50-38 Slayer on Bazaar, G2 250-236 Strongholds on Live Fire, G2 3-2 CTF on Aquarius, G2 50-30 Slayer on Recharge)
  • FaZe def. Na’Vi (FaZe 250-228 Strongholds on Recharge, FaZe 50-42 Slayer on Live Fire, Na’Vi 2-0 CTF on Bazaar, FaZe 2-1 Oddball on Streets)
  • G2 determines Divine Mind (G2 4-0 CTF on Bazaar, G2 50-33 Slayer on Recharge, G2 2-0 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • LIVE: FaZe vs. G2 (G2 2-0 Oddball on deposit)

Group C

Team Series record Map record
Quadrant 2-0 6-0
eUnited 2-0 6-2
Oxygen 1-2 5-6
Boys 0-3 0-9
  • Oxygen resolution. The boys (Oxygen Citadel 250-51 on Live Fire, Oxy 50-41 Slayer on Aquarius, Oxy 3-0 CTF on Bazaar)
  • eUnited def. The Boys (eUnited 5-0 CTF on Aquarius, eUnited 50-36 Slayer on Recharge, eUnited 2-1 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • Quadrant resolution. Oxygen (Quarter 2-0 Oddball on the street, Quadrant 50-44 Assassin on Bazaar, Quadrant 250-67 on Live Fire)
  • eUnited def. Oxy (eUnited 250-149 Stronghold on recharge, Oxy 49-38 Assassin on Live Fire, Oxy 3-0 CTF on Bazaar, eUnited 2-0 Oddball on Street, eUnited 50-43 Assassin on Aquarius)
  • Quadrant resolution. The Boys (Quarter 3-0 CTF on Bazaar, Quadrant 50-38 Slayer on deposit, Quadrant 2-0 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • LIVE: eUnited vs. Quadrant (eUnited 2-1 Oddball on deposit, eUnited 50-43 Slayer when Live Fire)

EASY group

Team Series record Map record
Cloud9 2-0 6-1
Acend 1-1 3-5
Space station 1-2 5-6
XSET 1-2 5-7
  • XSET Spacestation Results (Spacestation 250-41 Strongholds on Live Fire, XSET 50-41 Slayer on Aquarius, XSET 2-1 CTF on Bazaar, XSET 96-87 Oddball on top-up)
  • Cloud9 Location Battle (C9 5-0 CTF on recharge, Spacestation 50-45 Slayer on recharge, C9 2-0 Oddball on Live Fire, C9 250-17 Stronghold on the street)
  • Acend def. XSET (XSET 2-1 Oddball on Streets, Acend 50-42 Slayer on Bazaar, Acend 250-129 Strongholds on Live Fire, XSET 5-4 CTF on Aquarius, Acend 47-44 Slayer on Recharge)
  • Cloud9 XSET Battle (C9 250-0 Stronghold on Recharge, C9 50-39 Assassin on Direct Shot, C9 3-0 CTF on Bazaar)
  • Spacestation def. Acend (Spacestation 1-0 CTF on Bazaar, Spacestation 50-41 Slayer on recharge, Spacestation 2-1 Oddball on Live Fire)
  • LIVE: Cloud9 vs. Acend

Championship tables and pool results will be posted here as they become available. Visit HCS Kickoff main page above Halo Waypoint website to see the full schedule including live registration times and FFA game times.

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