Halo Infinite: Forge of Tease Collectibles

Halo Infinite players looking to get all five of the collectibles at the Forge of Tash outpost can check out this guide.

forge of teash in endless halo

Halo InfiniteThe world is filled with outposts and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) that the player needs to capture in order to progress through the story. These tend to be full of Banished and can be quite a challenge to get rid of completely. Within these bases are many collectibles that players need to pick up such as Skulls, interesting audio logs and Halo InfiniteSpartan Core.

One of the outposts that is posing a challenge to players is the Forge of Tease, located just around the corner Excavation site on Halo Infinitethe map of. This facility has a pair of UNSC audio logs, a pair of Forbidden audio logs, and also Spartan Core. For players looking to find all five, this guide is here to help.


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UNSC audio recordings at Forge of Teash . locations

There are only two of these to locate, but because of the UNSC situation, they are by far the hardest to find. With the Banished holds the edge on Ring WorldUNSC Audio Logs tend to paint a bleak picture and are often on the outskirts of outposts. This is especially true in Forge of Tease.

forge of teash halo infinite map location

UNSC Audio Log 1

The first audio log is on the cliff facing the Forge of Teash from the south. It can be picked up before entering this hostile base and the area gives a good view of the outpost. For players approaching this audio log from the north, Halo InfiniteGrapples’ photo will be the key. They just shoot the grappling hook into the cliff and go up. The audio log is located at a small camp with UNSC equipment nearby.

unrecord fake audio locations tease

UNSC 2 . Audio Log

Directly on the basis from where the first UNSC audio log can be found, is the second audio log. The player will notice a path along the north side of the area and this is where the player needs to go to access the log. It is located in a hidden cave along the road that surrounds the Forge of Teash. The cave door glows green and the audio record is next to a sleeping bag inside.

teash unsc's infinite forge halo 1

Removed audio logs at Forge of Teash

There is a pair of Forbidden audio logs in this outpost and both are located within the complex. These logs provide additional context for the main villains in Halo Infinite and you should definitely clear the area before trying to get one of these audio recordings.

1 . audio log removed

The first of these Forbidden audio recordings is in a structure that has been dug deep into the cliffs. Players should go straight to the big door and enter the small cave system. Some Halo InfiniteEnemies banished can surprise players in this area as it’s off the beaten track so it’s best to be on the lookout. Go down to the cave entrance and go straight. The expelled audio log is on some devices in this path.

forge of teash banished audio log 1 endless halo

2 . audio log removed

There are several buildings in the Forge of Teash in Halo Infinite and players will need to explore each one on their way to completing this outpost. One of these structures has a crane attached to it and it is located near the top of a hill in this area. This structure is the second residence of the Banished audio log as well as the Spartan Core. The player simply enters the structure and goes to the ramp. The Deleted Audio Log is next to the support bar for that ramp.

forge of teash spartan core and infinite aura audio log

Spartan Core at Forge of Teas

Only one Spartan Core at this location in Halo Infinite and it’s in the same building. The big box that this collection has is on a higher level and the player just needs to walk up the ramp to find it.

halo infinte spartan core

Halo Infinite Now out for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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