Halo Infinite FOB Unlocks: How to get more weapons and vehicles

Halo Infinite blends the series’ signature first-person action with a massive world. As such, you can expect to earn not only new weapons but also new vehicles and reinforcements. The only imperative is that you will have to put in time and effort if you want to get the best weapon and vehicle variations. Luckily, all of these devices unlock at set intervals, and we have the full list of FOB unlocks outlined below.

How to get more weapons and vehicles in Halo Infinite

How to get more weapons and vehicles in Halo Infinite

You can unlock vehicles and weapons in Halo Infinite by earning Valor. Like traditional XP, Valor is earned by completing campaign missions as well as side quests. Once earned, Valor will automatically unlock weapons, vehicles, and reinforcements according to your FOB.

All FOB Unlocked in Halo Infinite

Early in the game, new vehicles and weapons will unlock with every 50-100 Valor earned. As your overall reputation increases, unlocks will come every 100-200 Valor earned. To earn all weapons and vehicles you will need to earn a total of 3,200 Valor.

Here is the full list of FOB unlocks based on the total amount of Valor required:

  • 300 – Mongoose ATV
  • 350 – MK50 Sidekick
  • 400 – Assault Rifle MA40
  • 450 – Attack (Marine with MA40 AR)
  • 500 – Razorback (M12B Warthog Variant)
  • 550 – M9 . fragmentation grenade
  • 600 – CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun
  • 650 – Breacher (Marine with CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun)
  • 800 – Warthog
  • 900 – VK47 Commando . Automatic Rifle
  • 1,000 – Reconnaissance (Marine with VK47 Commando)
  • 1,100 – Rifle BR75
  • 1,200 – Heavy Assault (Marine with BR75 Combat Rifle)
  • 1,400 – Gungoose (Mongoose Variant)
  • 1,500 – S7 Sniper Rifle
  • 1,600 – Sniper (Marine with S7 Sniper Rifle)
  • 1,700 – M41 SPNKr . missile launcher
  • 1,800 – Destroy (Marine with M41 Rocket Launcher)
  • 2,000 – Scorpion Tank
  • 2,100 – Hydra (Homing rocket launcher)
  • 2,200 – Sidekick Striker (Sidekick MK50 variant)
  • 2,300 – MA40 long range shot (MA40 Assault Rifle Variant)
  • 2,400 – Convergent Bullog (CQS48 Bullog Variant)
  • 2,600 – Wasps
  • 2,700 – Impact Commando (VK47 Commando Variant)
  • 2,800 – BR75 Breacher (BR75 combat rifle variant)
  • 2,900 – S7 Flexfire Sniper (S7 Sniper Rifle Variant)
  • 3,000 – Hydra Pursuit (Hydra variant)
  • 3,200 – M12R Rocket Hog

You may have noticed that many unlocks are variations of previous unlocks. VK47, BR75, MK50 and MA40 all have special variants. Furthermore, each base weapon has its own special Marine booster to unlock.

Otherwise, the most important upgrades are the vehicles. You’ll get the signature Warthog at 800 Valor, while the ultimate M12R Rocket Hog is the ultimate upgrade at 3,200 Valor.

If you’re just starting out on your Halo Infinite journey, be sure to check out our guide to What ability to level up first. We also have tips on how to find Spartan Core location to get the right upgrades quickly.

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