Halo Infinite events should be tied to participation, not challenges

Since its release in late 2021, 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite has been a significant success for Microsoft and Xbox. Halo Infinite is the second best selling game in December 2021 behind Call of Duty: Vanguard, although its multiplayer component appears to be free via Xbox Game Pass. It’s not widely viewed on platforms like Twitch, but Master Chief’s latest outing should have a long life thanks to its battle and seasonal content system.


One promise to keep Halo Infinite involved is an alternate set of special events, often using limited time modes (LTMs). Three have been out since the game’s launch, with Season 1: Heroes of Reach’s Fracture: Tenrai recurring event making a third appearance this week. Some patterns have been established from the 343 Industries released events, but one lesson a developer should learn is that it’s better to focus on synchronous engagement than getting lucky with pop-ups challenges.

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Halo Infinite special events so far

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Fracture: Tenrai started it all, acting as a kind of experiment for special events in Halo Infinite will look like in the open multiplayer beta of the game. The event is split into six sessions, the first taking place the week of November 23, 2021. The event returned the week of January 4, and after this week will return the week of February 22, May 19. April 3 and 19 . When Halo Infinite Part 2 begins, a new iteration of the “Fracture” formula will accompany it.

What makes the repeat event special is its Fiesta Slayer playlist, something unique in the open multiplayer beta where all fans can choose is Quick Play with a rotating selection of game modes. such as Capture the Flag and Oddball. Fiesta will be added as a permanent option down the line along with modes such as Tactical Slayer, but the player can only pass 30 free items in the battle of Fracture: Tenrai by completing the challenges that appear in the event list.

After Fracture: Tenrai, 343 Industries released the Christmas-themed Winter Back-up event that runs from December 21, 2021 to January 3, 2022. It only includes 10 items, but those items This is only earned by playing a match of any kind per day rather than having to complete specific challenges. The game’s third big event, Cyber ​​Showdown, launched on January 18 and just ended on February 1. Over this two-week period Halo Infinite fans can play a new Attrition game modeand 10 items inspired by its 1980s aesthetic unlocked through challenges similar to Fracture: Tenrai LTM.

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Why the Winter Backup Model Could Be Better

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The benefits to 343 Industries structured events like Fracture: Tenrai and Cyber ​​Showdown are obvious. Using the new LTM gives developers the opportunity to perfect each game mode before releasing the permanent playlist, as it will soon be available for Attrition. The weekly challenge is Halo Infinitemain source of battle pass experience, so by hiding challenges for new event items during this spin it encourages frequent users check LTM and get overall progress.

However, the reality is Halo Infinite’s battle pass challenges are distributed randomly a problem. Challenges involving modes like Oddball, which remain locked to a random Quick Play playlist, can interfere with actually achieving an LTM challenge. Some of these challenges also pile up, so players may be disappointed to see them get five kills with the Assault Rifle before a new challenge requiring 15 kills pops up that could have been taken advantage of. advantage of previous matches.

Simply ask the player join a match like Winter Contingency also not a perfect solution, as 343 Industries is capable of following a high number of concurrent players. Many people logging in to play a single match may not give feedback like the few dedicated to playing dozens of matches to complete multiple challenges. However, that extra time investment can filter out a lot of fans who have continued in a way that a battle a day does not. It’s a tough balancing act 343 Industries is continuing to make, but using participatory stats with exciting, new game modes seems to be a solid overall way to engage as much as possible.

Halo Infinite Available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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