Halo Infinite Clip shows why players want to change collisions

A clip of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer shows how frustratingly frustrating a player’s lack of collision can be when players demand 343 changes.

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Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is available now, launched as a surprise on the 20th anniversary of both Xbox and Halo Franchising. Reacting to the new HaloThe multiplayer has been very positive, but with harsh criticism. 343 was quick to respond to some of these complaints, such as with frustration about Halo InfiniteOvercome the battle. However, other criticisms remain unresolved. One of the most frequent focus of the community is Halo Infiniteplayers lack of collision.

A clip documenting what players are having problems with recently went viral on Reddit’s Halo community, attracting more than 20,000 supporters. The clip shows a player using camouflage to sneak up on an opponent, only to have the opponent back up past the player as an assassination attempt. The opponent glides past the player and then shoots them down. With full player collision, the opponent will collide with the player and melee assassination will go as expected.


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Comments on the Reddit thread include examples of this is so silly Halo Infinite the problem can be. Players are talking about being able to carry out consequential assassinations, a move that requires players to melee behind their opponents’ backs, as both players spin far enough past each other to aim each other’s backs. . Similarly, some players mentioned meleeing opponents from the front and getting assassinated due to a slight cut.

What was particularly strange in the situation was Halo Infinite Is there a collision with the feature player with an opponent. It is only turned off for allies. However, the player collision still looks like it’s not working as intended, as the clip shows. Players still seem to be gliding past their opponents as if they weren’t there. Player models do not have full collisions or have problems related to latency related to player collisions, with confusion around the issue only exacerbating the problem.

It’s still completely unclear why 343 decided not to include full player collisions for both allies and opponents in Halo Infinite. It’s a popular feature that has a long history in Haloand the players who humbly supported its inclusion return Halo Infiniteby betas. However, at this time, there are no confirmed plans to bring it back.

While 343 still hasn’t acknowledged the surrounding conversation Halo Infiniteplayer collision, it’s important to note that the multiplayer feature only launched last week. 343 still has plenty of time to evaluate and reconsider its decision, something that has been done with Halo Infinitethe battle is over. If the player insisted that the collision would return, then 343 would certainly have no choice but to deliver.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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