Halo Infinite Clip shows why games need to remove invisible barriers

A clip of the game Halo Infinite shows the problems with the game’s use of invisible barriers by giving a particularly egregious example.

Halo Infinite Open World Warthog . screenshot

That Halo The franchise is famous for its massive open space levels, but the series has never done more than create a fully open world. Halo 3: ODST characteristic of a semi-open central area and allows the player to do story missions in any order. However, unlike Halo Infinite, no one comes in ODST expect an open world experience.

Content, 343 was never marketed Halo Infinite as well as the open world, is merely inspired by open world games. The story missions still take place in linear levels, and the developers have scattered the map with many invisible walls. In fact, the game’s roadblocks can often appear at unexpected times, as a recent Reddit post pointed out.


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Reddit user there recorded a segment of Halo Infinite game and upload it Halo subreddit. It shows those guys trying to jump a gap in a Razorback full of marines. It even shows players backing away from the edge, giving them space to increase their speed. The car almost veered to the other side and would have if it hadn’t hit an invisible barrier and lost all forward momentum. The poster then added that that particular distance is completely surmountable in a flying vehicle, but the barrier prevents ground vehicles from doing the same.

Other commenters reported trying to make that exact jump, and it’s easy to see why. One side is at a significantly higher elevation than the other and even has a rocky outcrop resembling a ramp. The wall on the other side even has a perfect gap the size of an actual car begging someone to try the jump. Also Halo Infinite’s The physics engine seems to agree that the distance can jump, and one commenter said he got close enough to attempt a hook. Unfortunately, however, they encounter the same invisible barrier that prevents others from crossing the distance. This is also far from the only invisible barrier separating Halo Infinite’s world map.

Of course, the 343 doesn’t implement these hurdles without reason. They are intended to prevent players from getting lost in areas the game is not ready for them to enter. However, one can expect the developers to remove the barriers as players unlock the region. The developer even did it indirectly, because Halo Infinite it’s perfectly fine for the player to fly over the same chasm.

Also, developers can’t include invisible walls at all. Just removing the ramp-like rise, removing the void in the wall, and widening the wormhole will serve the same purpose without writing in an exception to the laws of physics. Or even better, 343 could have committed completely to make Halo Infinite a real open world game.

Halo Infinite Currently available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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