Halo Infinite Cat Ears Everywhere

Halo Infinite is currently being made up by players with $10 worth of cat ear cosmetics, and players can’t decide whether they hate them or love them.


Halo Infinite has faced a lot of controversy over the price of cosmetics and its battle. However, a new type of cosmetics seems to have brought Halo Infinite player base by storm.

Not sure at the moment Halo Infinite players will load into a match and not find at least one player decorated with $10 cat ear helmet. Some players complain that the cosmetic kit that the cat ear cosmetics come with is overpriced, and others instead flaunt their cat ears whenever possible. A lot of Halo Infinite Players who were amused by their cat ears encouraged others to purchase cosmetics through in-game voice chat. This has led some fans to completely turn off their voice chat to avoid the meows that come with cosmetics.


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A lot of Halo Infinite players who are hugging cat ears seem to be doing so to troll the rest of the player base. This is due to the fact that some players still not satisfied with the price of cosmetics in Halo Infinite. The fact that cat ear cosmetics cost $10 means that every player with cat ears is favoring the current prices in the item store, while many other fans have chosen to avoid the item store altogether. to encourage 343 Industries to reduce store prices.

cat ears endless halo

Unfortunately, the $10 cat ear isn’t the only problem fans have had with the game’s item store when Halo Infinite The first players released were upset to see that a single blue armor skin cost $8.. Many players respect the decision of Microsoft and 343 Industries to include microtransactions as it makes the game free, however, the fan base thinks that charging $8 for a skin seems a bit unfair.

It is determined that if a player buys every time you pay Halo Infinite cosmetics from Part 1, they will have to pay more than 1000 dollars. 343 Industries has, so far, been good at listening to fan feedback and making changes to the game accordingly, however, not much has changed in terms of pricing in the item store. . It will be interesting if 343 Industries decides to listen to the players and lowers the item store prices for the next season of the game, or instead, they decide to continue with their current prices once they get backing. too big from cat ears. cosmetics.

Halo Infinite available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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