Halo Infinite: Bulldog Shotgun Spawns

In Halo Infinite, there are weapons for every kind of occasion and every type of engagement. If trying to take down a vehicle, use one of the new Shock Weapons like Disruptor or Shock Rifle to paralyze it and make it vulnerable to teammates. Or perhaps the player just isn’t breaking the enemy’s shield fast enough — try a Plasma Weapon like the Pulse Rifle or the Ravager, then tools specifically designed to drop Sparta’s shield. Bulldog CQS48 is Halo InfiniteShotgun’s, and when used properly, can be a dangerous weapon when up close.


Designated as a Kinetic Weapon, Bulldog is a combat pistol will fire giant 12-round artillery shells at anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. All in all, Kinetic Weapons are powerful weapons against unshielded enemies, making it light to operate when the shield is down. More times than not, the player will be covered, which the player can take down by firing two shots and then clearing the rest with a single shot to the head. Since multiple rounds are fired with each trigger, as long as the majority of hits hit the target, the Bulldog can wreak havoc on most close to medium range encounters.

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Bulldog spawns in Halo Infinite Quick Play

Ironically, despite being Halo Infinite List of multiplayer it’s mostly close encounters, Bulldog doesn’t appear on every map in playlist rotation. However, it still has a nice performance, found on most maps in Quick Play, including Bazaar, Launch Site, Live Fire, and Street.

Starts with Bazaar, Bulldog Shotgun only spawns in Capture-the-Flag (CTF) and can be found on a wall in Tower Basement. Mode-specific spawning will be a recurring trend for Quick Play, Bulldogs will be replaced by Heatwave in other Bazaar game modes.

bulldog market

The Launch site is a great example of a mode-specific spawn, Bulldog appearing in both game modes of the map. In CTF 1-Flag, Bulldog spawns at Launch Tower on a slim wall, right in front of defending team as soon as they spawn. Opposite, in Slayer, Bulldog can be found on the opposite side of the map at Bunker Platform on the far right when facing the opposing team’s spawn.

On Live Fire, the Bulldog is one of the hardest weapons to miss on the map, it’s mounted on a large choke point. Players can find Bulldog on a wall half way from the tunnel of Live Fire, the area directly below the Power Weapon appears, in both Team Slayer and Strongholds. For StreetThe Bulldog is a weapon that is often forgotten as most of the map skirmishes take place far from it. NS Bulldog spawns on a yellow vending machine in Downtown right next to the pink and purple fluorescent signs while playing Oddball on Streets.

Bulldog Spawns in Halo Infinite Team Battle

deadlocked bulldog

Consider the variety of engagements occurring in Big Team BattleThe Bulldog is a weapon that can make many encounters trivial. It appears on all three Big Team Battle maps — Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower — but again, changes in location based on the game mode being played. Bulldogs can be found in every game mode on Deadlock, with positions changing for only one of them. Above Slayer, Total Control, and Reserve, Bulldog spawns along the back wall of Deadlock’s High Base, while in CTF it lands on the back wall of Low Base..

Fragmentation has two sets of locations for Bulldogs to spawn depending on the game mode. In CTF and Stockpile, players can find Bulldog on one of the The forerunner pillar at Rock Power Button and Hex Power Button, the blue and red base areas where each team’s flag is dropped first, respectively. When playing Full control, however, Bulldog spawns on the walls of both the Canyon Base Interior and the Cliff Base Interior, inside the base of both respective teams.

bulldog power

NS Big Team Battle final map, Highpower, has multiple Bulldogs spawning in every game mode — CTF, Slayer, Stockpile, and Total Control — which can be confusing when trying to find weapons. Transparent CTF, Bulldog can be found in two locations at Waterfall Base, the first is along the inside wall of the tunnel on the left where Mongoose spawns and on the right after walking through a narrow corridor. Other Bulldog spawns at Tower Base on the wall just through the corridor near their flag.

In Big Team Slayer, two Bulldogs spawn at Tower Base, one in the location mentioned above, and the other along the back wall of the base near a Mongoose spawn. Conversely, a third Bulldog can be found on a wall in Archway, an industrial tunnel halfway down the map. Because the Reserve, the Bulldog spawns identically to its location in the CTF, except that the Tower Base Bulldog is now at the Archway location just mentioned. NS The Bulldog is spread out fairly evenly in Full Control to round things off, a point that falls on Mongoose location at Waterfall Base, one on the wall opposite the flag at Tower Base, and one in the center of the map at the Arch.

Bulldog Spawns in Halo Infinite Ranked Arena

street rating bulldog

Unlike Big Team Battle, where Bulldog spawns are constantly changing, it can be found quite consistently in Ranking Arena. Of the six maps on this list, Bulldog only appears on Bazaar and Street, but their locations may look a bit familiar.

NS Bulldog is hiding in Tower Basement in both Slayer and CTF, same location as regular CTF on Bazaar. Similarly, The Bulldog can be found on the yellow vending machine in Downtown of the Street in all three game modes, including Oddball, Slayer and Strongholds, just like in regular street Oddball.

NS Halo Infinite The Multiplayer Beta is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game set to release on December 8.

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