Halo Infinite Beginner’s Tip for Arena’s Slayer Mode

Killer Always one of the top competitive multiplayer modes in Halo series. The game mode is very simple; Whoever has the most lives wins the match. There is no goal or anything other than getting a higher kill count than their enemies. With Halo: Infinite, this did not change one bit, to the surprise of no one. Veteran players know this well when it comes to Slayer, whether it’s Free for All, Big Team Battles or Arena, they don’t need to learn much more.

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For newer players who are just starting out Halo However, this is the first time, learning the details of the Slayer can be a challenge. Halo play very different from games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, so for fans of these games, a quick lesson is if they want to be successful.

Shield & Health

Halo Infinite - Shot enemies in the face with a Sidekick pistol

Unlike other shooting games, Halo has a powerful shielding mechanism that doubles the player’s health. While players can survive without a shield, they are extremely vulnerable to all types of damage, especially early shots that are usually a one-time kill on unseen targets. shield. It’s worth noting that there’s no extra damage from the shot to shielded targets.

Some weapons, such as Disruptor, Plasma Pistol and Dynamo Grenades specifically designed to be more useful against shields than flesh with damage values ​​reflective of this. This makes them a good niche weapon that any player can incorporate into their playstyle.

Movement strategy

Halo Infinite - First-person visuals of Spartan jumps, jump ropes, and shooters with generic Keybinds options menu overlaid

Halo known to have significantly longer kill times than most other shooters. When some games have guns kills in less than half a second, Halo there are always weapons that take a second or more to get the job done. This longer kill time gives the player a chance to move around and disrupt enemy firing positions.

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This leads to dance-like gunfights in which both players are twirling around each other for a period of time, both trying to take the other down while dodging themselves from incoming gunfire. This means quick side-to-side movements, crouching, jumping, etc., all of which can be mixed, matched, and combined in different ways for the best possible effect.

Power Weapons


Players will notice that every map has weapons scattered around it at specific points. Some of these options are clones of weapons that appear or are similar to them, such as the Battle Rifle and Commando. However, other weapons such as Sniper, Rockets or Skewer, are called “powerful weapon. ” These are highly specialized weapons but undeniably, they appear in contested areas on the map. Players compete to obtain them in order to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

This means knowing the locations where powerful weapons appear, paying attention to their respawn times, and preparing to battle other players for control. Ignoring all of this ensures that the enemy will use these weapons.

Vehicle combat

infinite halo warthog ma banshee (1)

While only some Arena maps have vehicles, Big Team Battle has them quite prominently. The larger and more spacious design of the map not only allows for a greater emphasis on vehicle we but also about the skills needed to use them effectively. Driving against a wall, overturning, rushing into danger, or simply ignoring them are surefire ways to lose a BTB match.

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Not all vehicles are the same. For example, Warthogs are exclusive team-oriented powers while Ghost is an agile but relatively weak one-man craft. Banshees and Wasps are high-damage aerial vehicles that are in constant contact. Learning detailed information about each vehicle is a must for success in BTB.

Weapons and their roles

Halo Infinite Battle Rifle Display

Halo: Infinite have a lot of type different weapon roles for players to learn and master. Fully automatic MA40 Assault Rifle has a wide ammo and high recoil but also deals high damage and has a fast rate of fire. This makes it a great close-range weapon.

Other weapons like Battle Rifle, Sidekick and Commando mainly based on slower, more accurate firing at longer ranges. They are often referred to as “precision weapons” or “utility weapons” and are medium to long range options.

There are also energy-based weapons like Pulse Carbine and Plasma Pistol, both have slower-moving plasma beams to track enemies within a certain range (though only the latter can shield EMPs during a hit).

Some weapons can even deal shock damage, such as Shock Rifle and Disruptor, which can chain between enemies and even items on the map. These are just some of the different weapons that players will encounter in multiplayer.


Players look at Grapple Devices when Depositing

Like a weapon of power, Equipment are items on the map in which players fight for control to gain an advantage over the opposing team. Yes seven equipment items in Halo Infinite, including two power-ups, Active Camo and Overshield. These are Grappleshot, Drop Wall, Repulsor, Thruster, and Threat Sensor.

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All of these items appear on the map and are picked up by the player. However, these items only have a limited number of uses, so be sure to use them when absolutely necessary. Being killed while holding an equip item will also cause it to drop to the ground, allowing enemies a chance to steal it. When the player owns an item, there will be a color coordinate indicator visible on their character. Knowing the stats of each item of equipment is paramount when facing them on the battlefield.


halo infinite multiplayer grenade balance

Currently, there are four types of grenades in Halo Infinite:

  • Frag Grenades – These bounce around and deal splash damage.
  • Plasma Grenades – These stick to the player and can also do some splash damage.
  • Spike Grenades – These also stick to the player but only deal minimal splash damage.
  • Dynamo Grenades – These deal shock damage over time and do not bounce or stick to the player.

Grenades can be picked up on the map and swapped if necessary. Incorporating grenades into one’s playstyle and learning how to use them effectively is indisputable when it comes to getting better at multiplayer.

Map Control

Halo Behemoth . Map

Map control is one of the most important aspects of By Halo Multiplayer. This includes not only weapon control and power-ups but also choke points and power locations on the map. In other modes, such as Citadel, the player must travel to predetermined locations to win, but in Slayer, there is no such direction. This means that players need to create their own strategies. Add to the top equip this weapon and power. That’s quite a lot to manage for an inexperienced player.

One thing to keep in mind is that teamwork will almost always yield greater success than solo work. A coordinated team controls key areas and items much better than a single player.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The multiplayer beta is available to play now.

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