Halo Fan creates flying ghosts with 3D printer

One Halo fan created a hovering ghost model using a 3D printer and some magnets, with an astonishing result.

halo flying over ghosts

The Halo The franchise is full of iconic weapons, vehicles, and enemies, though a few get incorporated into the series as much as Ghost. Acting as a sort of light cavalry for the Covenant and banished, Ghost is a floating dual cannon vehicle it’s highly maneuverable but relatively easy to take down. There’s a certain appeal to Ghost that other alien vehicles don’t, which one fan is using in a particular way.

On Reddit, u/phootoon shared a short video of a Ghost they 3D printed as a gift for someone. A lot of care and detail has been put into Ghost, as phootoon finds a near-perfect color match on Amazon To get the correct purple color for the paint job, both are hand brushed and airbrushed.


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Of course, what really makes Ghost model especially it floats. And that hovering isn’t a magical edit or a trick angle, but a set of maglevs that the phootoon has combined with the base and the Ghost keeps the model suspended in the air. Hovering brings a whole new dimension to the model, adding an impressive layer of believability to the entire composition. Between that and the little details that pop up throughout, it’s one of the most impressive fan creations to come in quite a while.

The response to the model has been very positive. Commenters asked creators what the price would be if they sold Ghost models on a store like Etsy, which fan art creators often use for their creations. While the creator hasn’t responded to or expressed interest in selling their work, it looks like it could cause damage if it goes on sale.

Halo fans also have a lot to be happy about right now. Although there are some controversial factors, Halo Infinite was held was a great achievement by fans and critics alike, for both the campaign and multiplayer elements. So it’s no surprise to see the r/Halo subreddit start to draw steam again. This is simply a good time to be a fan of the franchise in the face of a difficult year for many, both inside and outside the gaming industry.

There’s still a lot of life left in Halo Infinite, because 343 Industries wants it to be a foundation to build on for years to come. That means new seasons, custom items, maps, and more as time goes on. In the end, it’s a positive for fans.

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