Hades: All Status Curses, Explained

As he fights time and time again to escape the underworld, the son of Death readily accepts the help of his heavenly relatives. Zagreus, the prince and protagonist of Hades, calling his uncle Zeus, his cousin Athena, and many other gods who grant him their Boons.

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Some of these benefits are simple, such as extra health or increased defense. On the other hand, these are the gods of Olympus, capable of causing great and flashy power. As a result, each Olympian (except Hermes, who is a slight exception to most rules) has a unique status curse that Zagreus can use to inhibit his enemies and gain an advantage in battle. war.


Weak (Aphrodite)

aphrodite grants a benefit

True to its name, the Goddess of Love’s signature curse takes away the power of enemies and reduces the power of their attacks. At the base level, weakened characters will deal Reduces damage taken by 30% for 4 seconds. Although some of the newer players Able to attract Boons that increase DPS, Weak can do wonders for Zag’s survivability, especially in the early game when his health reserves are low. Don’t underestimate its usefulness when fighting late-stage bosses.


The following Aphrodite boons allow Zag to inflict Weakness through various methods:

  • Heartbreak Strike
  • Heartbreak Flourish
  • Crush Shot / Passion Flare
  • Passion dash
  • Lament is about to die
  • Wave of despair

When Zagreus has at least one of the above, the following level two Boons can improve or change his Weak effect in several ways:

  • Inner drum: Effect duration increased
  • Sweet surrender: Affected enemies take more damage
  • Resolve broken: Increases the amount of reduced enemy damage

Doom (Ares)

is granting a benefit

Doom is one of the best offensive status curses available in Hades. When Zag inflicts this curse on an enemy, they will a burst of damage after a one second delay. Even though a second can feel like a long time in Fast-paced roguelike, the extra shot is always worth it. Doom’s damage depends on how rare the Boon gives it, but usually starting at 60 and increasing to 20 with each successive Rarity rank.


The following Boons allow Zagreus to deal Doom damage to his enemies:

  • Curse of Agony
  • Curse of pain
  • Curse of Vengeance

Once a player has at least one of the above, certain boons can increase the potency of the Doom effect or change how it works. Including:

  • Dire’s misfortune: Allows Doom damage to stack, dealing more damage with each consecutive hit when applied multiple times.
  • impending doom: This effect takes +0.5 seconds to activate, but deals more damage.

Mark (Artemis)

Zagreus receives a benefit from Artemis in Hades

The hunting goddess blessed Zagreus with her perfect aim. When this curse is applied, its target has higher chance to take critical damage from any attack. Once a Marked target takes Critical Damage, this removes the status curse and re-applies it to nearby enemies, allowing the player to stack a chain of critical hits. Considering that a Critical will solve at least 300% normal damage, which can be extremely helpful in cleaning up hard drives.

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Only one Boon can apply Marked to Zag’s enemies: Hunter’s Mark, inflicts a curse on any enemy that takes Critical Damage. Zag must have one of the following prerequisites, all of which allow Critical Damage, to obtain Hunter’s Mark:

  • Deadly attack
  • Deadly glamour
  • True Shot
  • Artemis ‘Aid
  • The acupuncture points

Exposed (Athena)

Athena offers a benefit

Both Ares and Athena presided over the battle at the Greek Pantheon; however, in contrast to Ares’ bloodlust, Athena is the goddess of battle strategy and tactics. Her curse of identity teaches Zagreus how to hit the enemy it hurts the most: Takes extra damage when hit from behind. The gain starts at +50% and increases 12.5% ​​with each consecutive Rarity rank. This bonus stacks up with rewards from Talent in the night Presence in the dark, allowing the player to deal with devastating adverse effects.


Similar to Marked, only a single benefit can cause Exposed: Bright flash. When Zagreus accepts this benefit, any skill that allows him to Distract will apply a status curse on enemies for 5 seconds. So he must have a benefit that allows Deflect, such as:

  • Divine attack
  • Brilliant spirit
  • Phalanx Shot
  • Holy dash

Chill (Demeter)

demeter grants a benefit

The icy cold of the Goddess of Seasons spread to the lava fields of Asphodel with this curse. While affected by Chill, the enemy of Zagreus move 4% slower for 8 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times, with a full stack causing enemies to move at approx. 66% their normal speed. While it doesn’t deal as much damage as some other curse statuses, the reduced speed can make it much easier for Zag to catch fast-moving enemies. More, some of Demeter’s boons adds absolutely devastating additional effects to the Chill status curse.


The following Demeter boons can cause Chill:

  • Frost Strike
  • Frost Flourish
  • Snow Burst / Icy Flare
  • Mistral . dash
  • Demeter’s Aid
  • Frozen Touch (applies all 10 stacks at once)
  • Glacial Glare (Crystal Beam prerequisite required)

In addition to these, several of Demeter’s level two boons afflict Chilled’s enemies, including:

  • Killing Freeze: When all enemies on the field are hit by Chill, they will move more slowly and their health will decrease over time.
  • Explosions in the Arctic: After applying a full amount of Chill on an enemy, a Chill explosion will occur, removing the effect.
  • Winter harvest (Legendary Boon): When there is 10% remaining health, Chilled’s enemies will shatter and Chill to nearby enemies.

Hangover (Dionysus)

Hades Dionysus mocked Zagreus

Hangovers are no more interesting to the inhabitants of the underworld than to those on the surface. When caused by The god of wine, Hangover state curse Causes enemies to take damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. Like other damaging status curses, the amount of Hangover damage depends on the rarity of the boon; however, it is unique in that each available Boon provides a different range of damage, as listed below.

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With the following boons, Zagreus can cause a Hangover to deal specified damage every 0.5 seconds, depending on rarity:

  • Drunken Strike: 4 damage, +1 for each consecutive Rarity
  • Drunk Flourish: 5 damage, +1 per Rarity
  • Drunken Strike: 2 damage, +1 per Rarity
  • Aid of Dionysus: 15 damage, +1.5 per Rarity. At maximum God Gauge, the Hangover effect lasts 9 seconds instead of 4 seconds.

Additionally, some of the party god’s level two Boons add effects or improve the Hangover status curse:

  • Numbness sensation: Enemies affected by the hangover move more slowly.
  • peer pressure: Enemies affected by the Hangover will cast a curse on nearby enemies every 4 seconds.

Broken (Poseidon)

The sea can be cruel to those who try and tame it. The curse that Poseidon’s signature state will cause damage to enemies trying to move while dealing. For 3 seconds, every 0.2 seconds of movement deals damage, leading uncomfortably fast-moving enemies to their graves. Furthermore, this doesn’t just apply to movement the enemy is willing to make – the player’s Knockback effect will also deal this damage.


Zagreus acquired the ability to defeat enemies NS Razor Shoals benefit, inflicting a curse on any enemies hit by the Knockback effect. To get the benefit, Zag will need at least one of the following, all of which provide Knockback:

  • Tempest Strike
  • Tempest Flourish
  • Flood shooting
  • Tidal Dash
  • Poseidon’s Aid

Jolted (Zeus)

zeus grant a benefit

Face the wrath of the Thunder God. Whenever an enemy is hit by Jolted, they deal lightning damage to themselves and their enemies. The curse ends when the enemy takes self-inflicted damage, or after 10 seconds have elapsed. Jolt’s damage starts at 60 and increases across all Rarity ranks.


With Static discharge As a benefit, Zagreus can apply the Jolted status curse on any enemy he attacks with any kind of lightning effect. The following boons all allow the player to deal lightning damage, and so any one of them can serve as a necessary prerequisite for a Static Discharge:

  • Sudden strike
  • Thunder Flourish
  • Electric shot
  • Lightning dash
  • Zeus ‘Aid
  • Heaven’s Vengeance
  • Lightning Reflection

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