Guild Wars 2 Players can breed their own Siege Turtles in the End of Dragons

Guild Wars 2 is preparing for the next expansion pack release, End of Dragons, in just a few months. Among the new regions and features introduced by ArenaNet, it introduced gameplay of the Siege Turtle, a brand new mount and the first to have two players at the same time.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the third full-fledged expansion for ArenaNet’s MMORPG, takes players to the eastern-themed continent of Cantha – an area last visited in the original. Guild War’ first expansion pack, Face. Over the course of the expansion’s story, the player will have the opportunity to raise a Turtle that surrounds its young and trains it into a complete all-terrain combat mount.


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The Siege Turtle itself seems to be built for anyone challenge in End of Dragons. The giant creature has jumping jet rays, allowing it to reach extraordinary heights, only to pounce on its enemies with great force. The mount can also traverse the bottom of the water, making it the second wading mount. The mount can also carry an additional passenger, who appears to be the operator of the mount’s dual jewel boxes, turning the mount into a devastating weaponry.

Siege Turtles have a long history stretching back to the present Guild Wars 1. Transparent Guild Wars: Faces, Luxons, one of two factions where the player can link themselves together, using giant turtles to drag their caravan across a sea of ​​petrified jewels, and equipping them with victors in defense. player. Two hundred and fifty years later in the game, the Luxons are gone, but their Siege Turtles still exist – and with some serious tech upgrades to help them navigate any beautiful regions of Guild Wars 2.

The players were overjoyed when Guild Wars 2 first announced the Siege Turtle mount earlier this year, but seeing it in action made them even more excited. A two-seater has been around for a long time Guild War 2. ArenaNet previously attempted to recreate one of the NS Fire Road expansion, but had to scrap the idea due to logistical complications. Although ArenaNet took several years to figure out how to make it work, players were eventually rewarded for their patience.

Some Guild Wars 2 player was a little worried about the Siege Turtle. In Guild Wars 2, each mount has its own unique abilities and modes of transportation, but every new mount has an ability that surpasses the previous ones, rendering them obsolete. Guild Wars 2 also offers alternate skins for mounts, most of which are purchased in the cash shop. Some players were annoyed that they would have to help raise the turtle, only to have it replaced with a new mount in the future or with a prestigious skin. Players will have to see if the Siege Turtle will replace previous mounts, or if other mounts will do the same in the future.

Guild Wars 2 now available on PC, with End of Dragons Released in February 2022.

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