Guide to Studium Aetherology Deliveries and Fisher levequests in FFXIV

The busiest time of year for crafters and gatherers is back Final Fantasy XIV. The Endwalker Expansion of 10 more levels, new resources and recipes to experiment with.

Mermaids undergoing treatment for their Fishing ability have received a new minigame and their ability has been reworked. Although High Quality has almost been removed from the game, Fishers can still fish the “big” fish instead.

For Fishers, the fastest way to level 90 and gain XP is to unlock and complete Old Sharlayan quests, as well as complete all Aeterology Delivery quests.

Here’s a guide to help you get all of this done in Endwalker.

Guide to Studium Aetherology Deliveries and Fisher levequests in FFXIV

Although levelquests will be familiar to those familiar with mechanics, Endwalker’s The new delivery system, Studium Deliveries, is a little different.

Distributing the curriculum: Aetherology

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Instead of being common to all Hand and Earth Disciple jobs, they are divided into five categories. Fisher is the only work that can progress in the Aetherology genre.

You should unlock them as soon as possible so you can make more money from the XP you earn through its quests. They become available once you’ve reached level 82 in X: 4.0, Y: 9.4, and have completed the Sound the Bell, School’s In, and Inscrutable Tastes quests.

Before guiding you through all the missions, you’ll have a few things to keep track of. To maximize your XP, use boosters like food and Guidebooks.

More importantly, don’t forget to activate your Collect ability before fishing (regular fish cannot be spun, they must be Collected Fish). If you can’t find it, go to the Actions and Characteristics menu (the keyboard defaults to P) and drag it to your hotbar. Finally, note the highest collectability required to earn more XP when submitting them.

  • Level 80: Giant Aetherlices

Head west of the entrance to the Labyrinthos area, in the Alpha Dynamic Source. You will need to use Gold Salmon Roe as bait (sold in Old Sharlayan Square). You should be fine with 50 of them. It has a weak bite, so if you use Patience, don’t bother with the Powerful Hookset. Use only the Precision Hook Set.

This fish is located in The Great Runoff, around Thavnair’s The Great Work Aetheryte. Buy the correct bait for the nearest dealer and target the bite, using only the powerful Hook Set for the duration of Patience.

  • Level 85: Clam Garlean (part one)

Go to the Broken Glass Camp in Garlemald. There, the nearest seller will once again sell the respective lures. Fishing at Eblan Thaw, west from Camp. Clams have weak biting power.

  • Alnarian Salmon (part two)

It is in Ksiroda, the river flowing west and south of Palaka’s Stand Aetheryte. Since it’s a story quest, you won’t need to activate your Collect ability. It has a medium bite.

Go to Elpis and buy leeches or salmon roe. Both baits are effective. The fish will take a medium bite. Again, don’t forget to activate your Collect ability before you start fishing.

  • Level 90: Lamentations

In Mare Lamentorum, go to the cave with the entrance located at X: 21.9, Y: 29.9. You can easily get in by plane, but if not, you’ll have to take the nearest bridge and find your way there. No specific bait needed, but you can use Gray Worm. Although the quest doesn’t specify the amount needed, you only need one quest to redeem it.

Old Sharlayan Levequests

Levequests reset every 12 hours and in Old Sharlayan the quests don’t seem to change daily in Patch 6.0. So if you want to earn a lot of XP without having to go through that process every day, you can get a bunch of those fish and keep them in exchange for them after resetting.

  • Fish for Thought: Many players struggled to find Tranquility Pond. It’s at X: 7.8, Y: 10.8 in Old Sharlayan.
  • Water Works: It’s in the Mover Beta, around Labyrinthos’ Archeion Aetheryte and very easy to fish, with a weak bite.
  • Fishing for the Future: In Thavnair, the fishing score is X:14, Y:35. Only target big fish.
  • Make waves: In Thavnair, it’s north at X: 21.4, Y: 8.3. It has a medium bite.
  • What you would do for a pickle: This is one of the rare levequests that will take you to the old areas, in the Ruby Sea, around X: 12.2, Y: 14.1. Target the smaller fish.
  • Fungi of the Firmament: You will go to Mare Lamentorum, to Chlorophospond at X: 30.6, Y: 32.2. It is hidden in a cave. This one is quite difficult as it requires Gray Worm bait, available from the nearest merchant. It has a medium bite.
  • Simple as Salt: This levee will also take you to a faraway land, The Lochs.
  • Plumbing the Past: Go to Elpis, buy some stingray bait at the nearest merchant and fish in Lower Hungering Gardens, approx X:25, Y:10.
  • What’s in the Air: Go to Maya Fonts, around X:23, Y:24 in Thavnair. It’s fishing and you’ll have to aim for small fish.

Ocean fishing is still a good way to earn XP fast, even from levels 80 to 90. If you prefer ocean fishing to levequest farming, you can choose ocean fishing. With the Manual buff activated, you’ll be level 90 in no time.

On the other hand, Studium Deliveries will be useful even after reaching level 90, so you should still complete those missions when you reach the required level. Guide to Studium Aetherology Deliveries and Fisher levequests in FFXIV


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