Guide To Playing As A Warmonger

The Warmonger in For Honor serves as one of many fiercest specialised Lessons accessible amongst the Knights Faction. Within the For Honor lore, Warmongers previously belonged to the Blackstone Legion. Nonetheless, rumors recommend they’re really from the Order of Horkos, an inter-faction secret society aiming to reject the previous gods to convey forth a brand new period.

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This uncertainty provides a aptitude of thriller to the Warmonger. What’s extra, their assaults additionally emphasize spreading corruption to enemies by their trusty Flamberge. The Warmonger has probably the most technically various toolkits all through the sport, and here is tips on how to benefit from that.

Know Their Position As The Truest Vanguard

A Warmonger doing a pose

Earlier than moving into the Warmonger’s bag of tips, it’s essential for gamers to know their elementary position in fight. Maybe the truest iteration of the Vanguard Class, the Warmonger makes a speciality of all kinds of fight conditions. Courtesy of Corruption, Warmongers can isolate foes and punish those that refuse to yield.

When it comes to mechanics, Warmongers possess heavy finishers towards hyper armor on prime of enhanced gentle assaults. So as to add to their mobility, they’ve a rechargeable bash and particular heavy dodges. Not like different Heroes, Warmongers are anticipated to adapt to an opponent’s playstyle to proceed taking part in aggresively.

Smash Groups With Corruption

A Warmonger pulling off a Corruption

The Corruption mechanic is what makes Warmongers such fearsome opponents. Accessible by way of its Feats, Corruption offers injury over time to an opponent and opponents surrounding them. Whereas Corruption doesn’t deal heavy injury (no less than, with out the fitting Feats), it does discourage group play on a part of the opponents.

Warmongers can financial institution on Corruption to dismantle an environment friendly enemy group. Focusing solely on a Corruption construct will seemingly depart the Warmonger weaker in each offense and protection. Nonetheless, utilizing this mechanic appropriately could make the Warmonger a superb offensive help.

Perceive Primary Assaults

A Warmonger posing for combat

Most fight in For Honor depends on gamers timing and experimenting with Gentle, Heavy, and Zone assaults alongside Dodges, Blocks, and Parries. Nonetheless, the Warmonger’s assaults have particular properties that vastly affect the best way their chains work.

  • Gentle Assaults: Whereas low in injury, all Gentle assaults are enhanced and share a hitstun property. Preliminary Lights have a small hitstun, whereas chained Lights have medium hitstun. When used on ledges or cliffs, enemies hit with a sequence Gentle might find yourself falling to their deaths.
  • Heavy Assaults: High Heavies deal extra injury in comparison with facet Heavies, no matter whether or not they’re preliminary or finisher assaults. All Heavies share the identical velocity.
  • Zone Assaults: Regardless of the hefty 40 Stamina value and low injury, all Zones are thought of Heavy assaults. As such, they’re relevant as an preliminary Heavy assault in relation to chains. The Warmonger’s Zones come from the left, which can matter by way of protection.
  • On The Prowl (Working Assault): Thought-about the Warmonger’s working assault, On The Prowl additionally counts as an preliminary Heavy when utilized in chains. Opposite to Zones, On The Prowl additionally hits from the fitting.

Think about The Dodges

Guard Breaking an opponent

Along with the Warmonger’s assaults, it additionally helps to know the core mechanics of their Dodges. When timed correctly, Dodges can flip the tide of battle, particularly given the Warmonger’s penchant for adapting to numerous fight conditions.

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  • Prey Upon (Ahead Dodge): This Ahead Dodge assault stays undodgeable to the enemy. Contemplating its robust ahead monitoring, gamers can use Prey Upon to punish opponents that love rolling round. Avid gamers also can delay the maneuver mid-execution and even feint it proper earlier than influence. This offers Prey Upon nice potential for chaining.
  • Beast Of Prey (Sideways Dodge): This Sideways Dodge assault is unblockable. Just like Prey Upon, gamers can delay this transfer mid-execution and feint earlier than influence. Likewise, having the ability to cancel Beast Of Prey permits gamers to make use of it to provoke chains.

Stress Early With Chains

A Warmonger hitting an opponent

Given the Warmonger’s capability to regulate to any scenario, gamers have to get aware of their chains early on. As a substitute of counting on chains to attain hits, the Warmonger wants to know when to change chains to take care of the rhythm of the combat. When performed appropriately, the Warmonger can outplay opponents with chains simply.

The Primary Chains

The Warmonger comes with 4 chains, all of which stay important to their core playstyle. It’s essential to notice that the Warmonger’s Heavy Finishers have Hyper Armor, that means they can’t be interrupted earlier than influence.

  • Vanguard’s Bane: Gentle, Gentle, Heavy
  • Tyrant’s Assault: Gentle, Heavy
  • Warmonger’s Wrath: Heavy, Heavy
  • Warmonger’s Bane: Heavy, Gentle, Heavy

The Chain Starters

As with different Heroes, the Warmonger possesses chain starters, which may lead straight right into a Gentle chain or a Heavy finisher. When mastered, a Warmonger can feint assaults into these chain starters or regain management in fight with an sudden combo.

  • Zone Assault: Gentle + Heavy
  • On The Prowl (Working Assault): Ahead, Heavy
  • Prey Upon (Ahead Dodge): Ahead + Area, Heavy
  • Beast Of Prey (Sideways Dodge): Left OR Proper + Area, Heavy

Punish With Preying Claw

Attacking with Preying Claw

One of many Warmonger’s most integral assaults, the Preying Claw (Gentle OR Ahead/Sideways Dodge, Guardbreak) is an unblockable assault that may simply interrupt an opponent’s momentum. Since it may possibly come from a number of instructions, Preying Claw is already annoying as a Guardbreak capability. What’s extra, its chargeable nature makes it a a lot deadlier assault when timed correctly. Here is what gamers ought to learn about it:


The Preying Claw possesses three prices, or Ranges, that grant totally different results relying on how they’re used:

  • Stage 1: When hit, the Stage 1 Preying Claw offers a Assured Gentle Assault.
  • Stage 2: Warmongers have the choice to let go of the Preying Claw if the enemy is transferring round. This transfer gives restricted monitoring.
  • Stage 3: When hit, the Stage 3/Full Cost Preying Claw offers a Assured Heavy with Hyper Armor. Warmongers even have the choice to cancel the Preying Claw on the final second.

Different Elements

Other than prices, the Preying Claw additionally has distinctive elements that gamers can capitalize on to maximise its use in fight:

  • Goal Swapping: Gamers who pull off a Preying Claw can change targets for the Assured Gentle or Assured Heavy. This selection makes Preying Claw appropriate for conditions the place a number of enemies encompass the Warmonger.
  • Guardbreak Drawback: Whereas Preying Claw is unblockable, it stays dodgeable. Enemies who get to Dodge or Backwards Dodge Stage 1 or Stage 3 Preying Claw will get a free Guardbreak.
  • Punish Rollers: Warmongers who face rollers can use Preying Claw to punish them. After they discover an enemy roll away from the Preying Claw, cancel the Claw in Stage 2 and comply with up with a Ahead Dodge assault.

Punish With Vicious Impale

A Warmonger executing an opponent

Other than strange Parries, the Warmonger has a particular maneuver they will pull off proper after parrying an enemy. Because of the Vicious Impale (Parry + Guardbreak), a parrying Warmonger can impale an opponent and drag them throughout the battlefield. Numerous parts stay in play for Vicious Impale, relying on the scenario:

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  • Poisoning Wallsplat: If executed in rance of a wall, Vicious Impale will get a particular follow-up. The Warmonger pins the goal onto a wall and slashes with the Claw, dealing further injury.
  • Commerce within the Splat: Whereas it’s tempting to make a follow-up after Poisoning Wallsplat, that is extraordinarily unadvisable. If each the Warmonger and the opponent spam assaults after Poisoning Wallsplat, this leads to a commerce as an alternative.
  • Grounding Riposte: Ought to the opponent get a knockdown by the point the Warmonger does Vicious Impale, the assault occurs otherwise. As a substitute of dragging the opponent throughout the battlefield, the Warmonger stabs the enemy downward, dealing the identical injury as Poisoning Wallsplat.

Perks Ought to Prioritize Protection

A Warmonger posing for victory

Whereas the Warmonger boasts a stable offense, their timing-heavy nature means misses can get deadly in a short time. As such, Perks for the Warmonger ought to concentrate on securing their defensive potential, corresponding to these under:

  • Devourer: Grants 10 Well being to the Warmonger upon an execution.
  • Endurance: Provides a 3% discount to Stamina value (as much as 12-percent) for each Renown degree gained. This permits Warmongers to entry their particular strikes extra typically.
  • Head Hunter: Provides a +4 to Most Well being (as much as +16) for every distinctive Hero execution.

Feats Rely On Fight Method

A Warmonger tripping an opponent

Regardless of the engaging selections of Feats for the Warmonger, not all of them are equally viable. Relying on the popular strategy of the Warmonger, some Feats per Tier will inevitably outshine the remainder. Listed here are just a few good choices:

Tier 1

  • Corruption Blade: When triggered, the subsequent enemy the Warmonger hits receives Corruption, dealing injury to a goal and close by allies. This encourages dispersion amongst enemy ranks.
  • Rush: When triggered, the Warmonger features a slight motion velocity enhance that stacks with different velocity buffs. This incentivizes the usage of Dodge assaults and bashes.

Tier 2

  • Elixir Of Corruption: When activated, this grants a little bit of lifesteal every time Corruption offers injury to foes.
  • Flesh Wound: This Passive offers the Warmonger slight injury discount over time.

Tier 3

  • Energy Of Corruption: This offers a lift to wreck dealt to Corrupted foes, an ideal incentive for a Corruption-heavy playstyle.
  • Punch By: This Passive will increase chip injury, incentivizing aggressive playstyles and combo maneuvers.
  • Robust As Nails: This Passive will increase Most Well being.

Tier 4

  • Corruption Blast: When triggered, the Warmonger can bestow Corruption to close by foes.
  • Auto Revive: This Passive will routinely revive the Warmonger upon demise, except they’re executed. Clutch conditions may vastly use Auto Revive, because the Warmonger’s various package could possibly assist the group flip the tide of fight.

Fight Eventualities

A Warmonger ready for battle

Given the multifaceted talent set of the Warmonger, it may possibly get tough figuring out simply how they should approach combat. Apparently sufficient, slight changes to the Warmonger’s offensive methods may give them immense benefits in duels or group fights.


Whereas the Warmonger does have respectable offensive and defensive choices, they don’t have a variety of freedom in relation to a extra relaxed gameplay model. Moderately, the Warmonger’s toolkit encourages pressuring and punishing the opponent for his or her errors. Save for the Dodges, the Warmonger has short-ranged assaults, which incentivizes sticking to melee.

Fortunately, Dodge assaults and Vicious Impale do assist enhance offense for the Warmonger. To not point out, Grounding Riposte poses an enormous risk for out-of-stamina foes, since this maneuver will discourage them from pulling off heavy strikes. Gamers do have to be aware of the Warmonger’s restricted restoration choices; in any case, lacking a Preying Claw leaves them huge open for a Guardbreak.

Staff Fights

Because of the Warmonger’s offense, they coordinate properly in groups. Their naturally huge horizontal hitboxes make them splendid for dealing injury to a number of foes. As a consequence of their pressuring potential, the Warmonger’s Dodge assaults and Vicious Impale can pressure enemies to overlook assaults and depart them huge open for ganking. Courtesy of their Preying Claw, a Warmonger can accommodate a number of enemies directly.

Sadly, their lack of sustainability and recoveries make them lower than in group fights the place they will’t hit their targets. In spite of everything, Warmongers who miss their marks can obtain nasty Guardbreaks. As such, Warmongers work higher as gankers or roamers as an alternative of heading to the frontlines.

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