Guide To Playing As A Gryphon

The Gryphon in For Honor serves as probably the most versatile help characters among the many Knights Faction. As a Hybrid Class, the Gryphon wields its Bardiche polearm in dominating mid-ranged fight. Nonetheless, it additionally boasts plenty of help talents that make it the proper backup for crew fights.

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Nonetheless, the Gryphon’s versatile toolkit may make it tough for newcomers to maximise the Class to their wants. Furthermore, the heavy emphasis on help may make the Gryphon unviable for fight at first look. Nonetheless, the Gryphon’s arsenal does provide a couple of surprises that, in the best palms, can devastate opponents.

They’re The Excellent Assist

A Gryphon approaching an opponent with allies

In contrast to different Heroes, the Gryphon’s toolkit encourages supportive play. As such, newcomers might discover themselves struggling to maintain reasonable damage numbers or offense basically. Expert Gryphons, although, faucet into the Hero’s supportive talents to maintain allies alive.

Gryphons possess a versatile package to accommodate cooperative setups. Except for its Finishers being Veteran Strikes with particular properties, the Gryphon’s toolkit excels in ganking opponents. If attainable, Gryphons ought to stick with heavy injury sellers so as to hold the strain in crew fights.

Therapeutic Is Key

A Gryphon preparing for fight

When used correctly, a Gryphon in any crew setup received’t possible want a damage-intensive construct. Slightly, choosing the proper healer Feats can make sure that their crew stays intact whereas different members function main injury sellers.

To do that, the Gryphon might wish to prioritize the next Feats:

  • Velocity Revive
  • Draconite Mist
  • Draconite Bolt
  • A selection between Champion’s Aura and Draconite Cleanser

Perceive Primary Assaults

A Gryphon attacking opponents with a horizontal attack

Studying sure quirks hidden within the Gryphon’s fundamental assault choices will help them perceive why the Gryphon has what appears to be a “restricted” moveset. Listed here are issues to think about:

  • Mild Assault: Ought to the Gryphon land a Mild opener for a fundamental chain, they’ll make their subsequent assault as a Assured Mild offered they do it in the identical path. This offers much less injury.
  • Zone Assault: The Gryphon possesses a typical horizontal slash as a zoning assault, nevertheless it’s a bit gradual to work with.
  • Dauntless Chase (Working Assault): Ought to this assault land, the Gryphon will raise the goal and throw them behind him. This could turn into a imply interruption to a combo.

Veteran’s Strikes

Courtesy of the Veteran’s Strikes property, all Gryphon finishers possess particular qualities:

  • Veteran’s Scolding: All Mild finishers are thought of Undodgeable.
  • Veteran’s Classes: All heavy finishers are Uninterruptible, besides Veteran’s Slash. These finishers possess Hyper Armor, that means opponents can’t interrupt them all through the animation course of.

Compensates Protection With A number of Choices

A Gryphon slashing an opponent

Granted, the Gryphon has quite a straightforward toolkit. Nonetheless, their quite gradual assaults go away their defenses extensive open to retaliation. Fortunately, the Hero does have distinctive approaches to Guardbreaks, Parries, and Dodges that enhance their defensive potential.

  • Protection: Static: In contrast to different Heroes, the Gryphon’s Guard stays lively in whichever path they need. This impact lasts even once they carry out Dodges. Gryphons ought to hold their Guard to the place the enemy is shifting, in order that they’ve a better likelihood of blocking their Dodge assault.
  • Guardbreak Punish: Gryphons who catch an opponent doing a Guardbreak can instantly punish with a Heavy assault. If attainable, time this when the opponent is in opposition to the wall, which provides room for a high Heavy end.


As with different Heroes, the Gryphon’s Dodge choices permit them to try to outmaneuver enemies. Nonetheless, this Hero’s variations of Dodges may give them an edge or a vulnerability relying on how they use them.

  • Helm Cleaver (Ahead Dodge Mild): This acts like a typical Ahead Dodge, with the swiftness of the Mild assault augmenting its velocity part.
  • Thoughts Cleaver (Ahead Dodge Heavy): This Ahead Dodge Heavy covers a good quantity of distance, making it very best for chases. When used correctly, Thoughts Cleaver will help the Gryphon head straight to a finisher. Watch out although, as Thoughts Cleaver can’t be feinted.
  • Soul Cleaver (Sideways Dodge): This Sideways Dodge counts as a Heavy assault. Given this consideration, it may possibly head straight right into a finisher. Nonetheless, like Thoughts Cleaver, Soul Cleaver can’t be feinted. Fortunately, its small possibilities of creating room for Guardbreaks helps compensate for the shortage of feint.

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Relying on the state of affairs, a Gryphon can remodel a Parry into an enemy’s worst nightmare:

  • Ironclad Tactician: A Gryphon that performs a Parry will remodel their subsequent Mild, Heavy, or Forceful Swirl as an Uninterruptible assault.
  • Out-of-Stamina: Parrying an opponent with out Stamina will assure a double Mild chain for the Gryphon. They will high it off with a Heavy finisher to maximise their injury choices.

Simple Strain With Chains

A Gryphon preparing to attack someone

In contrast to different Heroes, the Gryphon has a simple chain of assaults. Contemplating their viability as a help function, the accessibility of their chains can significantly complement the Gryphon’s power within the rear guard.

The Primary Chains

Surprisingl, the Gryphon has only one fundamental chain. As such, nearly all of this class’s different maneuvers attempt to both lead into this chain, or use this very chain to get into their particular strikes.

  • Hymn Of The Winged Lion: Mild/Heavy, Mild/Heavy, Mild-Heavy

Gamers shouldn’t confuse this easy chain with simplicity, because it to strategically take into consideration the way in which they string assaults.

Chain Starters

As talked about, the Hymn of the Winged Lion is designed to be an especially accessible chain for the Gryphon. A number of strikes and assaults can result in it:

  • Forceful Swirl: Mild + Heavy
  • Guardbreak: A profitable Guardbreak counts as a series starter.
  • Gryphon’s Shove: This transfer solely counts as a series starter if gamers begin the chain as quickly because the assault lands.

Mid-Chain Starters

Distinctive to the Gryphon are Mid-Chain Starters, the place sure strikes depend because the second assault in a combo chain. Gamers can observe up these assaults with any finisher and even the Veteran’s Kick:

  • Helm Cleaver
  • Thoughts Cleaver
  • Soul Cleaver
  • Guardbreak Throw

Halt Rhythm With Veteran’s Kick

A Gryphon using a Veterans Kick

The Veteran’s Kick (Guardbreak) is without doubt one of the two particular strikes within the Gryphon’s toolkit, and is designed to halt the opponent’s rhythm. In contrast to different particular strikes, the Veteran’s Kick acts extra of a fast finisher that pushes an enemy backward.

The Veteran’s Kick can come from many sorts of assaults. And given the accessibility of the Gryphon’s assault chains, Veteran’s Kick turns into one of many best mix-ups gamers can study. Listed here are the various cases that may result in this transfer:

  • Hymn Of The Winged Lion: As a substitute of a typical finisher, Gryphons can observe up any second assault in a fundamental chain with a Veteran’s Kick.
  • Similar-Course Mild: When gamers land a starter Mild assault, they’ll observe up with a weaker Assured Mild offered they do that in the identical path. They will observe up this transfer with a Veteran’s Kick.
  • Thoughts Cleaver: Doing a Thoughts Cleaver after a Mild, Heavy combo can pull off a Veteran’s Kick. This does much less injury than coming from a daily Heavy; nonetheless, the added Ahead Dodge part makes this a extra cell Veteran’s Kick lead-up.
  • Out-Of-Stamina: Gryphons dealing with an opponent with out stamina can use a Mild chain to guide straight right into a Veteran’s Kick.

Extra End

What makes Veteran’s Kick enjoyable is that touchdown it efficiently doesn’t cease the punishment. Ought to a Gryphon efficiently hit with a Veteran’s Kick, they’ll shortly observe up with a Heavy. This turns into the Veteran’s Slash, a Assured Prime Heavy finisher.

Halt Rhythm With Gryphon’s Shove

A Gryphon hitting an enemy with his fists

Much like the Veteran’s Kick is the Gryphon’s Shove (Ahead + House, Guardbreak), which additionally serves as a neat interrupt to the enemy’s rhythm. This Unblockable assault acts as a quick bash that may result in nasty surprises ought to it land on an opponent.

Nonetheless, in contrast to the Veteran’s Kick, the Gryphon’s Shove acts extra as an initiating software. It really works nice when finished to begin sure maneuvers, or when achieved in particular conditions:

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  • Chain Starter: When pulled off efficiently, Gryphon’s Shove acts as the primary transfer in a series. On high of that, a profitable Shove leads straight to a Assured Mild. Gamers can then go straight for a Veteran’s Kick to complete the rotation.
  • Dodge Punishment: Even when opponents Dodge the Gryphon’s Shove, gamers can pull off a Heavy or a Mild assault for a secure counter.
  • Stagger Transfer: On the off-chance that Gryphons discover themselves surrounded, attempt to have enemies line up. As quickly as this occurs, a Gryphon’s Shove will stagger each opponents. Following this up with a facet assault will deal chip injury to the second opponent and cease each of them from retaliating.

Perks Ought to Prioritize Assist

Gryphon attacking an opponent

In contrast to different Heroes, the supportive nature of the Gryphon means they’ll assure the crew’s survival. Fortunately, some Perks exist exactly to maintain the Gryphon alive and encourage them to get aggressive to dish out their greatest abilities.

  • Radiant Rebound: Showing after a Spawn or a Revive will grant the Gryphon a 20-percent Motion Velocity buff that lasts for 10 seconds. This offers them the push they should attain allies in want of therapeutic.
  • Treatment: This Perk heals 10 Well being at any time when the Gryphon kills a Hero.
  • Fast Refresh: The Gryphon receives a 5% discount to cooldowns upon a Revive or a Takedown (regardless if it’s an Help or a Kill).

Feats Rely On Supportive Wants

A Gryphon tripping an opponent

True to its supportive nature, the Gryphon’s Feats additionally incentivize their function on the battlefield. Nonetheless, simply because they’re mainline help doesn’t imply their talents are at all times constructed for therapeutic. The truth is, some Gryphon Feats are constructed to make them a strolling debuffer in opposition to enemies.

Tier 1

  • Stern Stare: When activated, the Gryphon grants a 25-percent debuff to an enemy’s assault. This Feat, unlockable at Degree 1, can cripple an enemy’s offense early on in fight.
  • Velocity Revive: This offers the Gryphon a a lot quicker Revive transfer.
  • Quick Restoration: This Passive provides a lift to the Gryphon’s Stamina restoration, permitting them to do extra maneuvers in fight.

Tier 2

  • Draconite Mist: When activated, the Gryphon heals themselves and close by allies. Whereas its therapeutic potential isn’t highly effective, it stays sufficient of a lift to clutch intense fight.
  • Flesh Wound: This Passive grants the Gryphon average injury discount as soon as each three seconds.
  • Winner’s Benefit: This Passive provides a buff to the Gryphon at any time when they pull off a profitable assault.

Tier 3

  • Draconite Bolt: When triggered, the Gryphon releases a bolt that damages enemies and heals allies close to that enemy. This incentivizes the Gryphon’s place as backline help, particularly when arriving as an help to a crew play.
  • Fury: When activated, this offers a large buff to protection and assault in addition to a slight dash velocity buff.

Tier 4

  • Draconite Cleanser: A extra highly effective Draconic Bolt, this Feat damages opponents in an AOE and heals allies in one other AOE.
  • Champion’s Aura: A substitute for Draconite Cleanser, Champion’s Aura heals the Gryphon and allies near their proximity.

Contemplate Particular Transfer Dangers

Gryphon attacking an opponent from afar with a Feat

Whereas it’s suggested that Gryphons keep near their comrades and preserve help, gamers might wish to strive dealing injury on the frontlines. That is completely attainable with the best construct, however there are plenty of dangers involving the Gryphon’s particular strikes.

Each the Gryphon’s Shove and Veteran’s Kick pose vulnerabilities that may smash the Hero’s potential when misused. Listed here are some methods to counteract these flaws:

Countering Missed Shoves

Regardless of the usefulness of Gryphon’s Shove, enemies who handle to Dodge the Shove can render it ineffective. The truth is, gamers who don’t anticipate enemies to Dodge the Shove are nearly at all times going to get hit by a nasty counter. Nonetheless, gamers who can learn what opponents will do after they miss that Shove can punish via sure counters:

  • Mild Assault Comply with-Up: If an enemy dodges Shove and follows up with Mild, gamers can merely Parry it.
  • Heavy Assault Comply with-Up: If an enemy dodges Shove and include a Heavy, gamers have to Dodge and counter with Mild. This transfer works in opposition to a feinted Heavy assault.
  • Distant Dodge: If an enemy dodges Shove and strikes at a distance, gamers shouldn’t attempt to observe up. No matter what gamers attempt to do after Shove, the transfer will almost definitely miss on account of lack of distance.

Veteran’s Kick Vulnerability

Whereas Veteran’s Kick works properly as a strain transfer, Gryphons must be cautious as they don’t produce other Unblockable assaults. It doesn’t assist that lacking a Veteran’s Kick means changing into extensive open for a Guardbreak.

To keep away from this danger, gamers shouldn’t let opponents “learn” via the arrival of a Veteran’s Kick. As a substitute of pulling off a Veteran’s Kick with a selected combo, they need to diversify the Kick’s look. Fortunately, the Gryphon’s package has plenty of methods to change up combos to make room for shock Kicks, as described above.

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