Guide to hunting and the location of the five treasure chests

Forza Horizon 5 players can use this complete guide to solve the High Five Hunt puzzle clues and locate the treasure chest.

Defender 110 X Landrover in front of the Treasure Chest in Forza Horizon 5

Treasure hunting is a regular occurrence for Forza Horizon 5 players award credits and Season/Series Points towards new cars and seasonal rewards. This week’s treasure hunt features a tricky clue, but luckily a chest is easier to find than last season’s location.

To help players complete this Series 3 Spring Festival Challenge as soon as possible, the following guide explains how solve hunt puzzle cluesand where find the Five Tall Treasure Chest in Forza Horizon 5.


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The solution to the mystery of the high year treasure hunt

Defender 110 X Land Rover in Autoshow menu

The clue for the High Five Treasure Hunt reads, “You’ll need to have a high defense to prove you’re rated five-star.” This challenge wants players to earn a total of 5 stars from Danger Signs while driving a Land Rover 2020 Defender 110 X.

To complete the first part of the hunt for the High Five, Players should:

  1. Get Defender 110 X Land Rover 2020 or buy it for 80,000 Credit in Forza Horizon 5.
  2. Drive or Fast travel in Forza Horizon 5 to any Danger Sign on the map.
  3. Earn a total of 5 stars by jumping from Danger Sign multiple times.

It may be faster to download a tune that gives Defender more speed, but earning a star 5 times will pass the Series 3 Spring challenge as well as earning 3 stars twice. Danger signs are red triangles and can be located faster by turning off all other symbols on the map.

Where to find High Five Treasure Chests

The location of the Tall Five Treasure Chest is circled on the map

The High Five Treasure Chest in Forza Horizon 5 located between the steps of the western pyramid and the path to the river, inside the red circle. If you look on the map, the chest is located directly below the white chest icon in the center of the circle.

If playing with friends in multiplayer in Forza Horizon 5, all players will receive their own version of the chest in their game. So as soon as it is found, all members of the convoy will be able to smash the chest and complete the High Five Treasure Hunt at the same time.

Year high treasure hunt reward

Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Festival Playlist Challenges for Series 3 Spring

For completing both parts of the High Year Treasure Hunt, the player will receive 50,000 Credits and 3 Season/Sequence Points. These Points count towards unlocking Jaguar XKR-X ’15 and Vaux Carlton cars in Spring Series 3.

3 Points is also important if trying to unlock two exclusive Series 3 vehicles: Zenvo TS1 and Ford Mustang ’71. A vehicle’s exclusive status means it can’t buy into Forza Horizon 5 from Autoshow.

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