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Bassus is a very difficult boss encounter in Halo Infinite if the player doesn’t use the right strategy or weapons to take him down quickly.

Halo Infinite Bassus Fight cutscenes

Bassus is the boss of the Excavation Zone quest in Halo Infinite, and he’s one of the hardest fighters in the game. His deadly hammer can instantly kill Master Chief if the player is using a Hero or Legend, and hasn’t upgraded their shield or Grappleshot.

However, there are ways to slow him down, and this Bassus boss guide will cover all the tips and tricks to kill him as quickly and easily as possible, as well as the correct way to defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite.

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Tips and Tricks to defeat Boss Bassus in Halo Infinite

Bassus Boss fights in Halo Infinite

Six Key Tips and Tricks to Remember When Trying to Beat Bassus in the Excavation Ground mission in Halo Infinite We:

  • Use a fast-firing Pulse Weapon (ideally a Pulse Carbine) to bring down his shield quickly (white bar).
  • Equip and use Needler (or powerful Kinetic Weapon) to reduce his health quickly (red bar).
  • Guaranteed use Grappleshot a lot to escape his powerful hammer blows.
  • Bassus is sometimes confused if the player steps left and right on top of one of the rampsTake advantage of this!
  • Try and stay away from the yellow coils, as they can instantly kill the Master Chief.
  • If Bassus is still too fast to get a hit, use a Shock Weapon to temporarily stun him.

How to beat Bassus in Halo Infinite

Fight Bassus in Halo Infinite with Needler

If the player does not have a Pulse Carbine Weapon equipped, pick up one from a nearby shelf at the highest level. Use Pulse Carbine to take down Bassus’s shield very quickly. A clip should do it on Heroic difficulty.

However, reducing his health will not be easy. Best, pick up a Needler from the floor. Players can scan the area to quickly locate. Then alternate between shooting at Bassus and retreating using Grappleshot. If the player has any spare Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite, now is the time to increase the shield and decrease the cooldown of Grappleshot.

Bassus will sometimes get confused if the player lures him to the end of the room, at the end of two ramps, and then back to the beginning of a ramp. Surfing like Master Chief will go down the ramp, and then quickly back to the top will cause him to turn around for a short time. Fill him with HaloIconic Needler of bullets in this brief moment of confusion.

Alternatively, the player can use Shock Weapons to temporarily stun Bassus, and then switch back to a Needler or a powerful Kinetic weapon to reduce his health. If Bassus’ health doesn’t drop fast enough, his shield will return. Make sure to switch back to Pulse Weapon, or change to Plasma Grenades in Halo Infinite to lower them again.

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