GTFO: All Sentry, Ranked

GTFO is a team based cooperative survival shooter, and as such, it shares a lot of characteristics with other similar games. For example, it has a large and expanding arsenal for you to choose from. There are consumables (single use), like grenades and health packs. Players choose their payload in GTFO by choosing two weapons, one melee weapon and one tool.

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Tools in GTFO quite similar in appearance and use of weapons. Some of them, like Mine Deployers, We weapon. One type of tool should be carried by at least one team member who is a guard. There are four different types of sentinels, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Although the developers have tried to balance the abilities of these guards, some are clearly better than others. Keep in mind that some sentries are not available in every Rundown.

4 AutoTek 51 RSG Sniper Sentry

GTFO A Sniper Sentry Waiting for the Enemy
  • Maximum Ammo: 48.1
  • Harm: Tall
  • Firing speed: Short
  • Limit: Long

The Sniper Sentry is powerful and has a great range, but it’s still the lowest rated sentinel in the GTFO. For starters, Sniper Sentry has slow rate of fire. Sure, it does enough damage to kill a variety of enemies with a single shot (no need to shoot in the head), but sentinels don’t automatically hit their targets. They remember; infrequently, but enough to remind players that they maybe miss. Another thing to keep in mind is this sentinel don’t carry a lot of ammo. The slow rate of fire helps conserve ammo, but this sentry seems to run out of ammo faster than the others, mainly due to its ranged ability.

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Deploying the Sniper Sentry in a large room, long hallway, or against larger and more powerful enemies, really lets it shine. Two snipers can destroy all kinds of enemies like Big Striker and Big Shooter with amazing speed. Unfortunately, the sentry’s powerful shots didn’t make up for his slow rate of fire. Enemies can and will pass this guard unharmed. That’s not only a bad thing, but also a sign that this guard isn’t doing his job well.


3 Rad Labs Meduza Auto Sentry

An Auto Sentry protects a narrow passage in GTFO
  • Maximum Ammo: 877
  • Harm: Short
  • Firing speed: Tall
  • Limit: Medium

The Auto Sentry is a great deployable machine gun in crowd control situations. One of the best aspects about this sentry is the constant rate of fire. Auto Sentry doesn’t stop when enemies flood the team’s position. It is the weakest sentry in terms of damage per shot; However, The constant stream of bullets pouring out of this sentry more than makes up for the low damage.

A well-placed automatic sentry – preferably by the door – can keep the party doing nothing but some light cleaning duties. Auto Sentry’s large ammo ability makes it useful for many encounters. This sentry’s medium range also gives it more flexibility in placement, and gives more time for low-damage shots to add up to success.

These sentinel damage shortcomings become apparent when fighting a large number of stronger enemies. In these situations, Auto Sentry seems like a pistol trying to put out a wildfire. However, one final positive aspect to remember about Auto Sentry is that it has a 8x wobble rate. Stunting enemies is a game tool that players should exploit as much as possible. It’s a lot easier to hit headshots at staggered enemies.

2 Mechatronic B5 LFR Shotgun Sentry

Set up a Shotgun Sentry at a choke point in GTFO
  • Maximum Ammo: 42
  • Harm: Tall
  • Firing speed: Short
  • Limit: Short

The Shotgun Sentry is tame in some situations – namely facing a narrow choke point. This sentry has an extremely powerful shot. Weaker enemies, like Striker, have no chance of surviving once they’re in range. Shotgun Sentry’s range leaves a lot to be desired, but this Short range is also beneficial. Enemies closer are more susceptible to attack, and this sentry almost never misses.

The short range also acts as an alarm. Sentries with longer range can shoot at enemies in a long corridor. If the Shotgun Sentry starts firing, the player knows this means the enemy is very close (probably in the same room).

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Even with high damage per shot, slow rate of fire means there will be a Enemies don’t often try to get through this guard. Unlike the Sniper sentinel, enemies that get through the Shotgun Sentry probably won’t get hurt. The maximum ammo count seems low, but it actually lasts quite a while due to the slow rate of fire.

first Mechatronic SGB3 Burst Sentry

A Burst Sentry shoots at an advancing enemy in GTFO
  • Maximum Ammo: 269
  • Harm: Medium
  • Firing speed: Medium
  • Limit: Medium

Burst Sentry is the best sentinel in GTFO. It’s not quite as good at crowd control as the Shotgun or Auto Sentries; however, it has has better range than Shotgun Sentry and deals more damage than Auto Sentry. It’s also the easiest sentry to place, meaning it’s unlikely to accidentally deploy this sentry in a bad spot.

The average rating in all categories gives the Burst Sentry great flexibility when it comes to choosing a spot to put it down. This sentinel doesn’t lose (much) effect against larger enemies, like Auto Sentry can. Although this sentinel broke out in waves, it was still basically a Machine guns are slow in fire rate. The trade-off between rate of fire and damage favor Burst Sentry over Auto Sentry.

The maximum ammo count seems a bit low. Continuous firing helps bullets last longer and also helps to reduce the number of missed shots. Last Note, Burst Sentry stagger enemies as well as Auto Sentry. The importance of incredible enemies cannot be stressed enough. Other sentinels are great in certain situations, but not ideal in others. Burst Sentry is pretty good in all situations.

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