GTA Online players attempted stealth bombing thwarted by Flying Toreador

An out-of-control GTA Online player engages in jet-setting murder, but gets more than they bargained for in the form of a flying Toreador.


Although not impossible to play GTA Online Passive, combat and random attacks are a common part of life in the online component of car theft 5. Whether it’s under warranty or not, getting blown up by other players is often inevitable.

That’s part of what makes it such a satisfying experience when someone can withstand another player’s attack. A video of such an event shows a player trying to get in on it GTA Online lobby challenge when they are suddenly attacked, only to survive with style and grace.


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Redditor Aggression_Finding_7 recently shared a video of the experience they had in a GTA Online corridor while driving around in Toreador. Players seem to be on their own at LSIA, trying to rank up in the lobbying challenge of being as fast as possible on a land vehicle. After Pegassi Toreador Flip over and slide to the stop, they bounce, bounce in the air. This was when the threat of a nearby player finally became apparent.

The attacking player is flying a jet and dashing in to destroy while the Toreador is hovering helplessly in mid-air. While the Toreador can soar into the sky, it cannot actually fly once in it, putting Aggression_Finding_7 at a disadvantage. To complicate matters, the attacker is using Lester’s Off the Radar this service kept them hidden on the world map and prevented Aggression_Finding_7 from foreseeing their approach. While this may have ended horribly for them, the jet aimed too low instead, unleashing attacks directly below the Toreador. Just in time, inertia and gravity hit, and the Toreador began to fall, hitting the jet and causing it to explode.

Aggression_Finding_7 survived, crashed to the ground in their Toreador, and turned to see the wreckage of the jet behind them. Judging from the HUD, it looks like the pilot was trying to get revenge after Aggression_Finding_7 knocked them down at some point prior to recording. Those in the comments were quick to point out that this encounter must have angered the other player, though it’s unclear if the feud will continue beyond that point.

The player swoops into a flying vehicle to attack or hurt others in the game GTA Online is a common sight. The recent addition of the anti-missile lock Imani Tech has helped prevent players from being killed by the MK-II Suppressor’s attacks, but encounters like these are unlikely to go away anytime soon. However, those who think they have the upper hand by jet attack may want to remain cautious, or they may find The plane is launched by a Terrorbyteor maybe a flying Toreador, like this one.

GTA Online Currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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