Grooming? Wake up school brainwashing kids using the same tactics employed by pedophiles

Most kids don’t grow up thinking that a boy can be a girl and a girl can be a boy.

These ideas are taught; they are programmed to be children at an early age by sober parents and progressive public educators.

Children are prepared to believe that they are transgender and that gender theory is a legal concept.

As it turns out, the same tactics that public schools use to teach students about gender theory are used by pedophiles when they groom underage victims.

In an August article for Today’s Psychology, Kelli Palfy, Ph.D. – a trained trauma therapist and specialist in male sexual abuse – wrote about how sex offenders groom their victims to be abused.


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“Grooming techniques are intentional, carefully orchestrated actions and gestures that an offender engages in. The acts are legal and do not harm themselves but are later recognized as excessive. offender’s preparation process, designed to win the affection, trust and loyalty of potential victims and their parents,” Palfy writes.

Indeed, this description of pedophile Grooming equally describes how public educators are corrupting American children.

Show children child pornography

Perhaps the most egregious example of schools using these types of tactics has been seen in the past few months as numerous reports from around the country revealed that books containing child pornography have been made available. in various school libraries.

Should parents be notified if their children start identifying as transgender at school?

Two of the books mentioned – “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe and “Lawn Boy” by Jonathon Evison – were released to schools across the country. proposed by two well-known national school library associations – The School Library Journal and the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Both books contain numerous cartoon-style erotic depictions, some of which involve children performing sexual acts against each other.

Parents across the country were able to anticipate the outrage and quickly pressured schools to remove the books from circulation. As of Wednesday, however, schools in Fairfax, County, Virginia have begun reintroduced “Gender Queryer” in the name of diversity.

Underage children should not be exposed to pornography. They should especially not be exposed to child pornography (depicting scenes of children having sex).

Why? Because this leads them to believe that having sex is normal for kids their age.


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According to Palfy, pedophiles often introduce pornography to young children for exactly that.

“Offenders may ask about the target’s current knowledge of sex and/or introduce them to pornography, which they often leave it around for easy detection,” says Palfy.

“Pornography may depict other children engaging in sexual acts and is designed to establish interest and stimulate arousal, while reducing resistance to being on their own.” engage in such conduct.”

Gain parents’ trust and then secretly undermine their authority

Another grooming tactic used by both educators and pedophiles is parental deception.

“They often befriend their parents and openly deceive about their intentions to befriend their children, hoping to fool the parents into feeling comfortable,” Palfy said of pedophile grocers.

These predators give parents peace of mind before manipulating their children behind their backs.

Many schools across the country are doing the same thing. In fact, some have even established policies that require staff not to notify parents if their child has transitioned (begins to be identified as transgender) at school.

On October 22 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, school administrators sent a letter to parents Notice that the school will not ask for parental consent if their child changes his or her gender pronoun or name in class.

“The district recently changed the part of administrative guideline 2260E that requires parental consent for district staff to use student preferred names or gender pronouns if they differ from biological sex. of the student assigned at birth,” read the letter.

“District employees no longer have to seek parental consent before honoring students’ requests to be referred to by their preferred name and/or pronoun.”

“While we understand that there are different perspectives regarding gender identity, we know that to put students first, we must acknowledge and support the unique needs of each student. ,” continued the letter.

A few months earlier in Iowa, a bill has been introduced to the state legislature to require school districts to “provide written notice of such action to the student’s parent or guardian at least one week prior to the occurrence of such action.”

By contrast, LGBT advocates in the state say such a bill is “a disgusting attempt to undermine safe spaces in Iowa schools.” In the view of LGBT activists and public school officials, children need to be freed and rescued from their parents, especially if those parents are religious conservatives.

Many such schools believe they have saved children from their recalcitrant parents. In doing so, these people are using the same strategy used by pedophiles – leading parents to believe they can be trusted when, in fact, they are secretly grooming their children. behind.

Track and target vulnerable children

Perhaps the most disgusting tactic used by pedophiles is to stalk and target vulnerable children.

Palfy writes: “The perpetrators are said to have foresight towards disadvantaged children. “Vulnerable children include those who have not learned that some people cannot be trusted, those with low self-esteem and those who need friends.”

Based on an inquiry Conducted by journalist and author Abigail Shrier, the California Teachers Association (CTA) held a conference in October that “advising teachers on best practices for subverting parenting, conservation community leaders and school principals on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.”

According to Shrier, speakers at the conference went so far as to “advertise their surveillance of Google searches, internet activity, and student hallway conversations” to address the root cause. the most confused and curious children about LGBT issues.

In other words, they are stalking and targeting vulnerable children, like a pedophile will do.

One teacher who spoke at the conference, Lori Caldeira – a Buena Vista Middle School teacher and LGBTQ club leader – admitted that she wanted to help confused high school students who were finding a way. define themselves “as an entity separate from their parents”.

“So the kids come in, they have something in their head that they want to talk about and then we have some structure for how to have such complex conversations. And you know, they include group standards of respect: What happens in this room, stay in this room,” Caldeira said.

Sure, many teachers across the country are opposed to teaching such concepts but overall, the public education system as a whole is moving in that direction – towards teaching gender theory, gender theory, and more. Critical race and other problematic progressive concepts.

The introduction of sex theory into children’s education has confused many girls and boys. People who feel lost, not knowing how to define themselves, are searching for answers. Teachers like Caldeira are waiting in the wings to take advantage of the situation in the same way that pedophiles try to take advantage of vulnerable children.

These teachers and educators may not be pedophiles, but there’s no denying that they are predators seeking to instill morality in little boys and girls.

In the same way that pedophiles do, these people are grooming your child. Grooming? Wake up school brainwashing kids using the same tactics employed by pedophiles

Huynh Nguyen

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