Great single player games to play if you like stray

Rarely does an indie game make as big an impact as BlueTwelve Studio’s debut title Stray. It’s one of the most unique games in recent times, in which players are thrown into a neon-filled underground city and tasked with helping some of the robots living there escape to the outside world. Oh. Also, players control a stray cat.

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Stray is much more than just another cat game, however, as its approach to exploration and narrative progression sets it apart from many of its competitors. However, it is an incredibly short game that players can complete in just a few hours. Luckily there are many other great games such as Stray players can immerse themselves in once they make it out into the outside world.


spirit of the north

Although one could certainly argue that PlayStation exclusives are limited in size StrayThe potential player base of , seems to have more than made up for it with the extra marketing boost the game received from Sony. That would certainly explain why the hit indie game garnered a lot more attention than spirit of the northwhich is incredibly similar Stray in many different ways.

In the third-person adventure game from Infuse Studio, players control a bush fox and is just as visually stunning as its feline counterpart. Granted, the controls are a little less responsive and the story isn’t quite as strong, but the gameplay is just as enjoyable despite these little quibbles. It won’t be for everyone, but those who liked it Stray should be a lot of fun spirit of the north.

Endling: Extinction is forever

Endling: Extinction is forever is another well-rated indie game in which players control a fox, although this time they will do so in a world on the brink of extinction. It’s not quite as impressive as Stray‘s neon-soaked version of the walled city of Kowloon, but the game’s distinctive art style really helps make each location feel unique and provides an extra depth rarely found in low-budget indie games like these.

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Interestingly, Herobeat Studios chose to publish it endling the same day as Stray, which has resulted in the title being overshadowed and overlooked by many potential players. However, as time goes on, the positive word of mouth the game is attracting will likely lead to a surge in popularity, as will anyone who has enjoyed it Stray will almost certainly enjoy this atmospheric adventure game.

shen mue

At a glance, Stray and shen mue may seem like chalk and cheese, although there are actually a lot of similarities once you start poking around under the hoods. Perhaps the most notable of these is the lack of handholding found throughout the two games, with players encouraged to explore and interact with the world around them rather than follow the map’s waypoints and arrows from destination to destination follow.

In this sense, those who felt the sense of freedom will be enjoyed Stray will probably love shen mueas does anyone who is amazed by the level of detail that has helped make the game’s world and those who live in it feel so authentic. shen mue 2 even allows players to explore Kowloon, although the depiction of the walled city is very different from that in Stray. There is also a stray cat that players can take care of in the first game, just to be safe.

Tokyo jungle

Like all other games mentioned so far, Tokyo jungle is incredibly underrated. The Japan Studio game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has died out and animals have risen to reclaim the barren streets of Tokyo. Players must control one of these animals and not only survive the harsh conditions and many threats that surround them, but also attract mates to save their kind from extinction.

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Players can control a variety of animals, from cute little bunnies to carnivorous dinosaurs. While the game could have perhaps used more focused objectives and some additional story elements, it’s still an absolute blast to play, either solo or with a friend. Players will likely take some seriously Stray Vibes at it, not only because you’ll be controlling an animal, but also because of the total lack of human characters and spoken dialogue in the game.

Untitled goose game

For those who loved unleashing their inner cat while playing Stray, Untitled goose game may well be worth a look. As Goat Simulator Before that, it’s a game that celebrates the fun side of being able to control an animal in a video game without very few traces of the serious narrative beats found in many of its peers.

Although the lack of a plot can sometimes lead to it Untitled goose game feels a little hollow, its many quests allow players to tackle the game in fun, bite-sized chunks. It will likely take you more than the two hours it takes to finish Stray when you want to complete every task on the to-do list, but the game still falls into that short but sweet area where Stray has found much of his success.

Stray is now available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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