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Lately, the video game industry has been flooded with remakes, reboots, and recoveries. Microsoft is working on new entries in Fables and Perfect darkness franchises, bringing them back to Xbox, while Sony is enjoying a successful new generation of God of War Game. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear leaks claiming that One Chrono Chross remaster is in the works, potentially resurrecting one of Square Enix’s most acclaimed games. Of course if Chrono Cross back, then its predecessor must also receive a remake. Time travel giant Chrono Activator is a natural companion for its interdimensional cousin.


As Chrono Cross was in its day, Chrono Activator critically acclaimed, still considered a top RPG for about 25 years after its release. Chrono Activator has received a few different ports over the years, coming to the Nintendo DS and PC, but a truly new version hasn’t appeared in a while. Time for Square Enix to do it again Chrono Activator, and not just because the rest of the game industry is excited about the remake right now. A new version of Chrono Activator both can respawn Chrono IP and inspire other RPG developers working on next generation games.

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Chrono Trigger’s Degree of Influence and Potential Change

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Unique aspects of Chrono Activatorfight could really thrive in a remake. The combat system is distinguished by its Active Time Battles, in which each character performs actions in real time but has a cooldown time before they can act again, as well as each character’s Technologies. Weapons and powerful Double or Triple Technologies brought together by party members. ONE Chrono Activator the remake could add New Tech and Dual Tech combinations to each character’s move set, building on the feature, while also reminding other turn-based RPG series of built-in abilities. in these team attacks, as well as the turn-altering potential of the intense combat-based Active Time Battle model.

Chrono Activatorengaging story telling would also be worth revisiting through a remake. In Chrono Trigger, players meet and team up with characters from across the world’s timelines, resulting in some truly unique characters banding together to save their timeline from disaster. While a Chrono Activator The remake doesn’t necessarily introduce a huge amount of new characters, Square Enix has the potential to write a new ending for the game by rethinking how players can impact the game’s plot. Chrono Activator is famous for having a large number of endings, but the introduction of several other endings will be a big selling point for RPG enthusiasts.

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Overall, the greatest potential benefit of Chrono Activator remake is its potential to revive Chrono general series. Chrono Cross something similar can certainly be achieved, but Chrono ActivatorThe larger status of an RPG icon could mean it has the gravity needed to pull RPG fans back into the franchise. Once done, Square Enix will be ready to create a Chrono game, successful when canceled Chrono Break. The revival of the franchise begins with a Chrono Activator the remake has even greater potential to get other developers thinking about the time travel plot, Active Time Battle, etc., potentially causing a bigger change in the JRPG genre.

Hope for a Chrono Trigger remake

Chrono Activator

It’s hard to say if one Chrono Activator redo is in the cards now. If Square Enix is ​​really working on Chrono Cross do it again, then maybe it doesn’t focus on Chrono Activator at the same time, despite being well received Chrono Cross Remastered will almost certainly lead to Chrono Activator also reworked. Are from Chrono ActivatorSteam version of received mixed reception at launch, a remake of either game would make sense; Square Enix has an incentive to strengthen the franchise’s image. Chrono Cross may be the star of the recent rumors, but if Chrono Cross Remastered really on the way, then there is hope that Chrono Activator will follow.

Chrono Activator Now available on PC.

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