GREAT NEWS: 58% of voters say the Media is the “Enemy of the People”

According to a Rasmussen phone poll 2021 Of the 1,000 US voters, about 58% of the US voting public considers the media to be the “enemy of the people”. The Rasmussen Report has this to say:

A new national online and telephone survey by Rasmussen Reports shows that 58% of U.S. Voters are likely to at least partially agree that the media is “really the enemy of the people.” , including 34% strongly agree. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree, including 23% strongly disagree.

Three questions were posed to the poll participants:

  1. Do you trust the political news you are receiving?
  2. How serious is a “fake news” problem in the media?
  3. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The media is “really the enemy of the people”?

The wording of the third question echoes Trump’s 2019 tweet, in which he said “Fake News is HUMAN MONSTER!”

This is how the entire poll results are broken down, like Newsmax Report:

  • 76% of Republicans agree with the phrase “enemy of the people” when describing the media.
  • 37% of Democrats agree with this phrase.
  • 61% of independents agree with this phrase.
  • 83% of voters believe “fake news” is a serious problem in the media, compared with 14% who disagree.
  • 92% of Republicans believe “fake news” is a serious problem, compared with 74% of Democrats. 82% of independent companies believe it is a serious problem.
  • 37% say they trust the political news they receive, compared with 43% who don’t. 20% uncertain.
  • 54% believe most reporters who write or talk about President Joe Biden are trying to help him get through his agenda.

The majority of Republicans and Independents agree with the phrase “enemy of the people”. A sizable minority of Democrats agree. A large portion of the population, >80%, consider fake news a problem. Many see political news as unreliable and think reporters are more trying to help Biden than cover.

Although the poll was conducted in July 2021, it is unlikely the news has been much better, as the trend is to increasingly take a more negative view of the media.

For example, a Knight and Gallup Poll 2020 found that “only 20% of Democrats have unfavorable views [of the media], and 66% said the attacks were unwarranted.That number was up at least 17% by the time of the Rasmussen poll, in which 37% of Democrats agreed with the phrase ‘enemy of the people,’ showing a trend toward distrust of the media. pine.

That trend may only accelerate as more and more media reports are proven false, namely its slander. Lying about Kyle Rittenhouse and misreporting the Steele file. Like Lara Trump recently tell Fox:

This is nothing new to the mainstream media. In fact, they’ve been trying to tell us what they want us to hear and not the truth for quite some time now. And people are finally starting to wake up in America and say, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t think I’ve gotten the facts from the unquoted journalists out there,’ because that’s not what they are. having. Many of these people consider themselves political activists, and they disguise themselves as journalists. But I think that’s why you see distrust in the media at an all-time high in our country right now because you can’t get the facts about many things. They have given a certain story for a long time.

Note the trend, Rasmussen reported on November 12 that 53% of the American population currently does not believe the political news they receive. This is up 10% from the July survey, a huge increase in space over the course of a few months. As a result, Americans’ view of the media became worse and worse as their narratives were proven false. GREAT NEWS: 58% of voters say the Media is the “Enemy of the People”

Huynh Nguyen

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