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Dark Souls 3 has many wonders that you can use to heal yourself in a pinch. Two of the best are Great Heal and Soothing Sunlight – but how do they stack up?

  • Great Healing provides a large amount of healing for you and your allies
  • Soothing Sunlight offers massive healing at the cost of more FP

Both Great Heal and Soothing Sunlight are great. But which one suits your build best?

Great healing details

Item Description of Great Heal / DS3
Item Description by Great Heal

Effect: Heals you and nearby allies for 5.5x your Talisman’s Cast Buff value
Focus Cost: 65
Faith Requirement: 25

Greater Healing is an excellent healing spell for any player who can fulfill their casting needs.

The reasonable requirement of 25 points in Faith isn’t too difficult to meet and is pretty much guaranteed to work for any build that uses Miracles.

Great Heal’s focus cost also adds to ease of use, as at 65 points you’ll have plenty of FP to cast another minor miracle, including weapon or player buffs like depth guard.

Casting Carthus Flame Arc to buff a weapon after using Great Heal/DS3
Casting Carthus Flame Arc to empower a weapon after using Great Heal

This makes it ideal for PvP combat, as you can heal and buff yourself without having to waste an Estus Flask and precious time filling up your FP gauge.

The amount Great Heal heals you for is tied directly to the talisman or chime you cast it with.

To find out exactly how much HP Great Heal heals you for, find the “Spell Buff” stat on the stats page of your equipped talisman or chime, then multiply it by 5.5.

A Talisman stats screen - You can find your spell buff number in the Attack Power / DS3 column
A Talisman stats screen – you can find your spell buff number in the “Attack Power” column.

This number is greatly increased by leveling up your Talisman or Chime, so be sure to level them up with Titanite as you progress through the game.

There are few downsides to using Great Heal – although the only real downside to the spell is that there are other stronger healing spells.

Still, Great Heal is perfect for those who don’t want to invest the extreme amount of Faith required to cast these superior spells.

How to get great healing

  1. Warp to the Distant Manor bonfire
  2. Walk out onto Lake Irithyll
  3. You’ll find Great Heal on a corpse in a side path to the left of the bridge in the lake

Soothing sunlight details

Article description of Soothing Sunlight / DS3
Item Description by Soothing Sunlight

Effect: Heals you and nearby allies for 7x your Talisman’s Cast Buff value
Focus Cost: 80
Faith Requirement: 45

Soothing Sunlight is the best high-end healing miracle in the game. Despite its whopping 45 faith requirement, it’s still worth using on any build that would get 35-40 points of faith anyway.

It’s unlikely you’ll spot many dedicated Faith builds that don’t come equipped with soothing Sunlight as their healing miracle of choice. This is mainly due to its enormous healing properties.

With Soothing Sunlight / DS3
With soothing sunlight

As with Great Heal, the amount of HP Soothing Sunlight heals depends on your talisman or chime’s spell buff stat.

However, unlike Greater Heal, Soothing Sunlight heals you for 7x your current Spell Buff.

On a fully upgraded, high-quality talisman, this often results in a full HP bar heal.

The Canvas Talisman is available early and is a perfect talisman for Miracle Casting in late game / DS3
Available early, the Canvas Talisman is a perfect talisman for late-game Miracle casting

Unfortunately, this massive healing comes at a price.

Soothing Sunlight’s FP cost of 80 means you’ll need to invest in Attunement if you want to cast more miracles without using an Ashen Estus Flask.

Investing a few extra points into attunement doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can prove to be one when you’ve already poured a mountain of points into the Faith to cast soothing sunlight.

Cannot cast another spell after using Soothing Sunlight / DS3
No more spells can be cast after using Soothing Sunlight

How to get soothing sunlight

  1. Kill the Cursed Rotted Greatwood in the Undead Settlement to get the Transpose Furnace
  2. Kill the Northern Valley Dancer to get the Dancer’s Soul
  3. Bring both items to Ludleth, the NPC sitting on a throne in the Firelink Shrine
  4. You can now trade souls with Ludleth in exchange for soothing Sunlight

Which healing spell is the best?

Since each spell only takes up one attunement slot, you may want to equip both Miracles/DS3s
Since each spell only takes up one attunement slot, you might want to equip both wonders

Soothing Sunlight is clearly much stronger than Great Heal. However, due to its high Faith requirements, it is only suitable for builds that are already heavily investing in Faith.

Using Faith as a secondary part of your build will likely prevent you from using it fully.

If that’s the case, then Greater Heal is an excellent spell to pick up for some healing support.

If you have enough Faith and Attunement slots, you can even opt to equip both spells and choose which one to use based on how much FP you have left. Great Healing vs. Soothing Sunlight – FandomSpot


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