Grandpa Lost Both Legs And Most Of His Fingers After The Dog Killed His Brother With His Mouth

When Barry Harris, 46, of Essex, England, went through a difficult breakup in May, he thought a canine companion would help bring some light into his life. After seeing a Facebook ad for an outstanding Akita available in London, Harris raised the asking price by £1,500 (about $2,000) and brought “Ted” home.

What he doesn’t know is that he only has seven weeks left before his heartbreak turns into heart failure, and it’s all Ted’s fault.

Less than two months after having the dog, Harris tried to get a bone out of Ted and the dog’s teeth little him, according to Daily mail. Apparently, the dog is often referred to as a “big dog”, according to The Independent, but is known to have a food invasion problem.

Over the next three days, Harris developed various associated symptoms, including headaches and cold sweats, signs that an intense infection was tearing through his body. In the end, his heart failed and he passed away.

At first, it seemed that no one really knew why Harris died. When Harris’ brother-in-law, Mark Day, 62, adopted Ted at the request of his wife Pauline (Harris’ older sister), he certainly didn’t know it was Ted who caused his brother’s death – but he did. He will find the hard way.


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On the day of Harris’s funeral, Day was walking Ted and was accidentally bitten. He said that Ted was on his best behavior, so he went to praise him, and dog told him rather rudely.

“Ted was really good so I gave him a treat and told him he was a good boy,” Day recalls, according to yahoo news. “He turned his head to love the attention and then he just opened his mouth and put it around my hand.

“Ted didn’t even bite me. He had only torn skin on both sides. By Sunday, I remember lying in bed with uncontrollable shivers. Pauline took my temperature and it was 39°C [102.2 Fahrenheit]. Next thing, she’s on the phone to find an ambulance. I just thought it was the flu. I never thought it had anything to do with Ted. It’s just mind paralysis. “

Day ended up experiencing many life-threatening conditions after Ted was rough with him. He stopped his heart. He has multiple organ failure. He had to be resuscitated twice and ended up in a coma for 10 days.

He must have both legs and most of the finger amputation and spent a total of 82 days at Colchester Hospital after arriving on 22 August.

The grandfather suffered so much from his condition that he was truly happy to see that his legs were gone.

“I knew they needed to amputate my legs the first time I saw them,” he said, according to Yahoo News. “It was like a horrible nightmare. My feet were black for almost a third of the way up. All I think is it’s like lying in a coffin looking at your dead body.


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“I was very pleased when they said my leg was coming off. I thought, ‘Put them off and move on.’ “

And all through no fault of his own, Ted is hiding a dirty little secret: Capnocytophaga canimorsus — a bacteria that can live in the mouths of dogs and cats without harming them, but can cause sepsis in people who come into close contact with them, according to the CDC. CDC.

After speaking with medical professionals, the difficult decision was made to die for Ted.

“Keeping him around means a lot to Pauline,” Day said of the initial decision to take on Ted. “It was the last bit of Barry. I decided to marry him because it meant so much to Pauline.

“We have no clue that Barry died because Ted bit him. We never thought about it. I don’t blame Ted. It’s just one of those things, isn’t it. It was a sad old situation. ”

Though he lacks some digits and limbs, Day doesn’t let the challenge put him off too much. He still plans to hang out with his family and maintain his hobby – he even plans to get another dog, though he wants to make sure it’s from a reputable and reputable source. Full test this time.

“I’m pretty pragmatic about most things,” he says. “That’s what it is. I could lie in a corner and turn into a puddle but that’s not going to happen. There are things I still want to do. I want to take my niece for a walk, and I definitely have to. go fishing.

“I will get a puppy. It will probably be a hunting dog. The bite won’t make a difference for me. I’m not scared when I see a dog. “

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