Grand Theft Auto 5’s Unsolved Mysteries

Rockstar Games has a knack for including fascinating details in its open-world games. This is clear in Grand Theft Auto series, with each title offering new Easter eggs and mysteries that leave players scrambling for clues. car theft 5 is no exception, providing Rockstar fans with a ton of brand new mysteries, some of which remain completely unsolved even after eight game years.

From aliens to Jesse Pinkman, Rockstar really pushed the boundaries of easter eggs in GTA 5. For starters, it has the largest map of any GTA title, with seventy-five square kilometers of land and water for buried secrets. In spite of some easter eggs apparently just gimmicks added by the developers for quick laughs, such as “Caravan of Love”, others hint at a deeper meaning. These puzzles have become an integral part of GTA 5 community, with some players trying to explain them through videos and amazingly detailed theories.


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The mystery of the infinity killer

One of the macabre mysteries found on GTA 5his map is “Infinity Killer”, a disturbing story with an unending ending. This mystery begins in the small town of Sandy Shores, where a derelict tent can be found. Inside the shack, the player will find a newspaper clipping that mentions a man named Merle Abrahams, who is believed to have died in a prison cell. A few streets away, the player can find the burned-out home of the alleged killer of eight victims, with vandalism on the walls as well as a message from the killer himself. Following the clues left by these messages, the player eventually comes across a schematic drawing of a map, representing a real place in the world. GTA 5 The universe.

Visiting this place and diving into the ocean floor, you can see a chilling sight: 8 corpses wrapped in cloth, dumped along the seabed. Though finding his 8 victims seems conclusive “Infinity Killer”, An unanswered question remains. At the end of one of Merle’s messages, he writes “until I come back,” suggesting that he’s not dead yet and is somewhere wide in the world. Another oddity was the poem he had carved into a rock, with a rhyming verse for each of his eight victims. The last line reads “8 won’t wait”, leading some players to believe this is a reference to himself.

The Mystery of the Ocean Hatch

Grand Theft Auto 5 . submarine

When exploring the underwater world of GTA 5, the player may encounter a mysterious locked trapdoor buried on the seabed with a small window emitting light from within. This hatch is located on the East side of the map and is precariously placed just below the crush level, so players must be careful when investigating it. If the player hangs around long enough, they’ll hear knocks coming from inside the hidden chamber, hinting that someone is knocking on the door. Although these faucets translate to morse code, spell out “hey, you never called, how do you like bowling?” like a comedy Reference to GTA 4‘NS Roman Bellic, the true purpose of this trapdoor is yet to be discovered.

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The Mystery of the Rooster


Although many GTA 5Mysteries have a premonition, some have a humorous side. An example of this can be found at the top of the map, nestled in the mountains. On a steep rock face that cannot be reached by foot, a white chalk drawing of a rooster can be found. Although clearly a rooster, the animal actually bears suspicious similarities to a mollusk. What’s really mysterious about this rooster is that it has replaced a pre-existing image: a portrait of a man, whose identity has never been confirmed. Jesse Pinkman are from Break is the most popular conjecture among players, with some claiming that the portrait belongs to a fake Rockstar developer who decided to put his face on the rock as a joke.

Mrs. Philips Mystery

One mystery every player chooses to keep Trevor alive may have been the puzzle of his mother’s appearance – then disappearance. After Ultimate story quest, with Trevor still alive, a question mark will appear above his trailer indicating a Stranger and Villain quest called “Mrs. Philips. Missions include Trevor’s mother showing up after a stint in prison and asking her son to steal a truck full of drugs. After doing so, Trevor returns to a blank trailer, leaving the player wondering what happened to Mrs. The logical answer would be that she randomly leaves before the quest can be completed. However, other theories suggest that she was hallucinating, due to Trevor’s habit of smelling gasoline. Either way, her strange disappearance remains unexplained.

Rockstar Games likes to leave puzzles for players to solve, even if they can’t come to a conclusion. Many Easter eggs are found throughout Los Santos and Blaine County was discovered by GTA 5 community, leaving a small minority still lacking an explanation. With GTA 6 is a distant dream, the spotlight will stay on GTA 5 for a while longer, giving players time to dig into the mysteries that remain unsolved and hopefully provide some final answers.

car theft 5 available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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