GOP Senator Kevin Cramer shrugs Trump Looking for stains on Biden from Putin, says ‘Donald Trump is Donald Trump’

A Republican congressman emphasized on Thursday that former President Donald Trump was just mocking and correcting the media when he brazenly called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to drop dirt on Hunter, the president’s son. Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) shrugged during an appearance on MSNBC’s Daily MTP.

In an interview earlier this week with JustTheNews’ John Solomon, who very happened to be the architect of Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine plots that led to Trump’s first impeachment, the former president pleaded. America’s top adversary discloses damaging information about the president of the United States.

“As long as Putin is really not a fan of our country, let him explain… why is the wife of the mayor of Moscow giving teenage girls — both of them — three and a half million dollars?! ” Trump exclaimed, making an unfounded claim about the Biden family. “I think Putin will know the answer to that. I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”

Speaking to Cramer on Thursday, MSNBC spokesman Chuck Todd brought up the fact that Trump is once again asking for help to tarnish a political opponent from a foreign government — this time , from a country waging a gratuitous war with an American ally.

“Why would you trust propaganda from someone who, you know, right now based on a conversation I had earlier, President Biden called for him to be removed from power?” Todd wondered. “Why would you want to believe anything Putin has to say about Hunter Biden?”

After Cramer said Trump’s remarks were “more ironic than anything else,” Daily MTP the presenter pushed back his personality.

“I mean, I’m sorry, to claim that the enemy of the free world is actually the enemy of the free world right now to propagandize a political opponent seems a bit unpatriotic,” said Todd. declare. “I mean, that seems like a horrible thing to do for a former president. Is not?”

The North Dakota senator veered off course by claiming the media would “treat the war in Ukraine like a Boy Scout camp” if “Hunter Biden’s name is Donald Trump Jr.,” prompting Todd to cut him off.

“Senator, that is the laziest attack. It’s not about the media,” the anchor grumbled.

“It’s also honest,” Cramer retorted.

“It doesn’t matter about the media,” Todd countered. “Is it right for the former president of the United States to ask the enemies of the free world to do this?” Asserting that what a former president cannot compare to the current president, Cramer argues that the mere act of Trump is Trump.

“Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” he said. “He hasn’t changed. He won’t change. It was more interesting to the Washington press than it was to the general public. Is that the wisest thing in the world to say? Probably not, but he’s Donald Trump and he says these things.”

Adding that he thinks Putin is a “war criminal,” Cramer downplayed Trump’s remarks like the former president walking the press.

“Once again Donald Trump baited you all and you all took the bait. Now we have to discuss this,” Cramer said.

“I’m not going to argue with you about whether Trump gets too much or not enough coverage. But he’s the leader of your party, sir,” Todd insisted. “At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, he’s the leader of your party. Do you feel comfortable leading your party to play footsie with Vladimir Putin? “

Cramer, meanwhile, dodged the question by saying there was “evidence that Democrats brought information into the White House to give false evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia, seemingly rebutting the claims bias on Special Counsel John Durham’s most recent record.

“How does that make what Donald Trump is doing somehow better?” Todd asked angrily.

“I’m more concerned, and I think the American people, with the current president and his behavior and really lack of oversight, than a former president with a long history of saying outrageous things, serious or not. seriously, and taken in a way, way, way, way too serious, frankly, by a bunch of press too nervous to jump into an interesting personality, to say the least, ” Cramer deflected again. “I will add when Donald Trump is president, Russia is not invading Ukraine.” GOP Senator Kevin Cramer shrugs Trump Looking for stains on Biden from Putin, says ‘Donald Trump is Donald Trump’

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